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30w portable battery pack charger
For those who are always on the move, we know the importance of having a reliable battery pack for our gadgets. It’s an unwelcome inconvenience when your device runs out of juice just when you need it the most. You will be pleased to know that Spigen has addressed this concern with the launch of its new ArcPack 30w battery pack and portable charger.
With the introduction of the ArcPack 30w portable charger, Spigen continues its commitment to keeping our lives connected and our devices powered, whether we’re navigating the daily commute or exploring distant corners of the globe.
Designed with simplicity and compactness in mind, the ArcPack distinguishes itself with a sleek, user-friendly aesthetic. Its minimalist design not only ensures that it fits comfortably into your bag or pocket but also adds a touch of sophistication to your tech accessories.
What makes the ArcPack a worthy companion for your device? Its standout feature is the robust 10,000mAh capacity. Now, if you’re wondering how this capacity translates to your device’s battery life, let’s look at the numbers. According to Spigen’s charging speed test, the ArcPack can quickly charge an iPhone 14 Pro Max up to 82% within just an hour. That’s an impressive feat for a power bank of this size.
When it comes to power banks, the time it takes for the unit itself to recharge is just as important as the charging speed for devices. A long recharging time can make even the highest capacity power bank seem ineffective. The ArcPack has addressed this issue by incorporating a 30 W USB-C PD 3.0 input. The result is a full recharge time of less than two hours, meaning your ArcPack is ready to go when you are.
One might ask, how does it compare with other 10,000mAh power banks? With its high-efficiency charging technology, the ArcPack charges 38% more battery compared to its counterparts.
While the above specifications are impressive on their own, the ArcPack’s edge is further defined by the inclusion of Spigen QuantumBoost Technology. This intelligent feature detects the power requirements of your device and provides optimal power accordingly. It ensures a safe and efficient charging experience for your gadgets.
Samsung users will be delighted to know that the ArcPack has been thoughtfully designed with Samsung devices in mind. This power bank supports Super Fast Charging (PPS 25 W) for the Galaxy series. So, whether you own an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, the ArcPack has got you covered.
In summary, the ArcPack 30w portable charger is equipped with a range of features designed to provide a high-speed, efficient, and user-friendly charging experience:
This latest offering from Spigen seems to provide a powerful solution for keeping our smart devices charged on the go. With its impressive specifications, the ArcPack 30w portable charger promises to deliver not only power but also convenience, efficiency, and intelligent charging. Whether you’re an iPhone aficionado or a Samsung enthusiast, it’s a versatile accessory to consider.
Source : Spigen

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