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Published on July 5, 2023
By: Steven Porrello
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Costco is well-known for selling stuff at low prices when you buy in bulk. But for items you probably don't want to buy a dozen at a time — like laptops and other electronics — you might be wondering if Costco still lives up to its low-price reputation.
In general, yes, Costco usually sells laptops and electronics at slightly lower prices than the manufacturer's price — but with a strong emphasis on "usually." Every now and then, the manufacturer or another store will offer sale prices that can beat Costco, especially if the warehouse isn't offering a sale itself. 
Even so, I'd say Costco is still worth considering when you're shopping for a laptop, and not just because of price alone. While its electronics selection isn't vast, here are a few reasons to buy a laptop at the warehouse. 
Costco lets you return a laptop for a full refund within 90 days after you received it. What's more, Costco isn't picky about returns and will likely accept laptops even if you don't have the original packaging.
In comparison, Best Buy gives you 15 days to return most items or 60 days if you're a My Best Buy Plus member (which costs roughly $50 per year). Amazon, for its part, accepts most laptops within 30 days of delivery (Apple laptops are accepted within 15 days), but only if it arrived damaged or you haven't opened the box. 
Costco Concierge Services give members free troubleshooting and technical support over the phone. This not only applies to laptops but also to other Costco electronics, such as televisions, projectors, and cameras. So if you're having trouble with your new laptop, you can get free help. 
Just for being a Costco member — whether that's Gold Star or Executive — you get an automatic one-year extension on the manufacturer's one-year warranty. That gives you two years of coverage for mechanical or electrical failures that occur after normal use. 
For Costco Executive members, you can earn 2% back on laptop purchases. Not only that, but you could also earn 2% back if you have the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi, for a total of 4% back on your laptop. If you spent $2,500, then you would earn $100 in total rewards. 
Costco's prices are typically on par with other electronics stores, unless those stores are having sales. For example, I was recently looking for a 2023 16" Macbook Pro. I found the laptop was most expensive on Apple's website ($2,499), while it was priced slightly cheaper on Costco.com ($2,449.99). However, on Best Buy's website, the same Macbook was $2,299, while on Amazon it was even cheaper — $2,249. 
For the sake of your personal finances, it pays to shop around. Do keep in mind, however, that other stores may not offer the same benefits you get at Costco, such as the 90-day return window or two-year extended warranty. I would also check out Costco's laptop prices in-store first, as online prices tend to be higher. Compare that price with other stores to get a better idea of who has the better deal. 

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