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Massimo Marchiano
Brawl Stars Season 19 is upon us, and with it comes two new brawlers, Starr Drops, and changes to the Brawl Pass. While we enjoy the season, let's take a look back at all the game's gadgets, and make a list of the 10 best and worst. This guide should hopefully help new players decide on what they should unlock first when playing the game for the first time.
We'll make a similar list for Star Powers as well in the future. Without further ado, here's the 10 best and worst gadgets in Brawl Stars.
10. Clay Pigeons (Shelly)
Shelly is perhaps the deadliest close range brawler in the game, mainly due to her Super's damage and knockback. But what happens when you give her a gadget that increases her range? The result is a Sniper-happy Shelly who can pick enemies off from a range close to Piper's. Clay Pigeons is great for getting that enemy who keeps running away, or keeping opponents away from you. Regardless, it's a great gadget that's easy to get, since you only need Shelly to be level 7 to get it.
9. Tuning Fork (Poco)
You can never go wrong with a good healer, and that's exactly what Poco is. Tuning fork heals Poco and nearby friends at the tune of 400 HP for 5 seconds. Couple this with his Da Capo Star Power, and you're healing teammates 1100 HP per second. We know being the healer isn't exactly the most exciting, but it's one of the most important roles when it comes to winning matches.
8. Scrapsucker (Pam)
Pam takes 25% of the opponent's ammo with each hit her main attack deals. She then takes 50% of it for herself. For Pam, this is a great gadget for when you need to escape the clutches of a close range enemy. Did a Surge jump on you? You can maybe use Scrapsucker to put a halt to his offensive. It's also great for preventing enemies from shooting the Brawl Ball, winning close 1-on-1 situations, and saving another teammate's life.
7. Twister (Gale)
Twister is the ultimate gadget for modes like Brawl Ball. With it, Gale summons a whirlwind preventing enemies from passing through it. If the Brawl ball is stuck inside it, say goodbye to your chances of scoring. Additionally, using this gadget during Volleybrawl can have your enemies sulking while you watch the ball land on your twister. It's also great for preventing enemies like Buzz from getting the jump on you.
6. Poison Mushroom (Cordelius)
This gadget is essentially a mini-version of Otis' Super. It silences enemies for 1.5 seconds, preventing them from using any sort of attack. It's helpful in modes like Brawl Ball, where you need to stop a scoring opportunity. However, with Cordelius' Shadow Realm, you can send enemies away, hit them with a Poison Mushroom, and take them out with your increased movement and reload speed.
5. Gotta Go! (Eve)
The only brawler who can hover over water can also jump over walls, if need be. Gotta Go is a great eject button when you're too close to some pesky enemies. Since Eve has a slow reload time, she can't win every 1-on-1. Gotta Go can save her in multiple situations, especially for modes like Bounty and Knockout. Additionally, the gadget summons a hatchling which can poison enemies briefly.
4. Sweet Dreams (Sandy)
Sandy's Sweet Dreams Gadget sends enemies into a brief slumber, stunning them for one second. It's not much, but it can turn the tide of any interaction quickly. Additionally, since Sandy's attack pierces through enemies, you can send multiple enemies to bed at once. This is great for when chasing a gem carrier in Gem Grab. It's also useful for making quick escapes, or using the opportunity to charge your Super. Sandy's quick movement speed will give you a chance to get away from opponents too.
3. Slowing Toxin (Crow)
It may have been nerfed from 5 seconds to three, but Crow's Slowing Toxin is still a must have gadget. With his low HP, you'll need this gadget to help survive in certain situations. Additionally, this gadget is great for Gem Grab, whether it's slowing down the gem carrier, or slowing down enemies while you waste time until victory. Slowing Toxin is wonderful for having you (and teammates) catch up to an enemy to put the beat down on them.
2. Super Totem (Bo)
Bo's Super Totem Gadget may have been nerfed, it's still incredibly useful. Instead of charging a Super gradually, it increases your super charge rate for each attack you land. Bo is the kind of brawler who needs to make use of his mines, whether it's for stunning or just dealing plain damage. Plus, Super Totem isn't just good for Bo, it's also helpful to his teammates who need the help charging their Supers.
1. Support From Beyond (Tara)
The instant Heist Winner, Support From Beyond is probably one of the best gadgets in the game. It summons three shadows to support Tara in defeating the enemy or destroying the objective. We call it the Instant Heist Winner because using this near the safe means 1500 damage per second, plus any attacks you deal. It provides extra cover in case you're being pursued. Just don't use this gadget against a Jessie, Poco, or any brawler with piercing attacks. They'll make you regret that you used it.
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10. Pulse Repellent (Sam)
While Magnetic Field pulls enemies, Pulse Repellent knocks them back. Why you'd ever want to knock enemies away, and not pull them closer, is a brain-scratcher. As a close range brawler with high HP and good damage output, Sam really shouldn't worry about who he's going to fight. It may be helpful in some situations, like keeping an enemy away from a power cube, but those instances don't seem to common. Much better just to go with Magnetic Field.
9. Spring Ejector (Gale)
Gale's other gadget really doesn't have much use outside of those Map Maker maps. Sure, it can get you from point A to B faster, but doing so can also lead to death. You can also hinder your teammate by placing an ejector they didn't expect, launching them straight into the arms of the enemy. Like Pulse Repellant, this gadget has its uses, but those uses are far and few between.
8. Take Cover (Ruffs)
The extra sandbags for defense is nice, but the HP value of the bags is low. Additionally, once one bag is destroyed, you'll already have an opening to hurt Ruffs. We much prefer his Air Support gadget, which can help deal damage and keep enemies away by launching rockets at them. Take Cover also won't protect you from piercing or bouncing attacks from Jessie, Belle, Poco, or Tara.
7. Reverse Polarity (Belle)
While we like the idea of Belle's shots bouncing, there isn't much use for them. If you're going to use a brawler who has some bouncy attacks, use Rico or Ruffs. We prefer Belle's Nest Egg Gadget, so you can just slow enemies down and mark them. Reverse Polarity isn't the exact worst, but how often do you see it being used in game?
6. Grand Piano (Gray)
A gadget that used to be one of the best, is now one of the worst. Grand Piano isn't so grand, considering it's only covers a two tile radius. While it deals damage, destroys walls, and does knockback, it's simply not as useful as Walking Cane. Plus Grand Piano feels like a knock off version of El Primo's Asteroid Belt, which has a much greater radius. Also, why would Gray need to destroy walls when he can just teleport past them? Think smarter, not harder.
5. Garden Mulcher (Sprout)
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Healing sure is nice, but Sprout's the kind of brawler who shouldn't really be on the front lines. Additionally, you have to do it while in a bush.
Instead, he should hanging back, bouncing his attacks towards enemies with his long range. Plus, Transplant gives him his Super back by destroying his current hedge. You won't need to heal right away if you can just set up a wall between you and your opponent. If Garden Mulcher healed a little bit more, it wouldn't be on this list.
4. Popping Pincushion (Spike)
Spike's Popping Pincushion and Rico's Multiball launcher are essentially the same. But at least Rico's variation bounces through walls, making it a little more accurate. Spike's health is also so low that it's too risky using this ability at long range. We prefer Life Plant, because at least you can use it as cover, and as a potential healing source.
3. Motherly Love
The idea of using Eve's hatchlings for healing instead of poisoning seems intriguing. However, it's much better just to focus on taking down your enemy. Hatchlings push your opponents back while your teammates can heal up on their own and get ready for the offensive. Eve's also great for Bounty and Knockout, which suggests you should be more focused on map control then you should on your teammate's HP.
2. In Line (R-T)
I've yet to see this gadget actually land and hit an enemy. It sends a signal from R-T's main body into his remote one that passes through walls. It deals 500 damage and slows enemies for 2.5 seconds. But it's bad for two reasons. One, your enemy must be in between you and your other body, which will be hard to pull off. Secondly, your opponent can just waltz over to your other body and kill you easily. And lastly, Hacks is a much better gadget.
1. Vengeful Spirits (Gene)
This gadget has been in the game for years and it still doesn't make sense. Sure, it deals damage based on distance, but that's about it. It doesn't even deal a lot of damage, and it barely hits enemies due to how inaccurate it can be. Gene is a support brawler, so he needs gadgets that will support himself or the teammates around him. Vengeful Spirits does neither and is the undisputed worst gadget in the game.
That about wraps it up for this list. Stay tuned for our top 10 best & worst Star Powers. In the meantime, you can check out our articles on Season 19, Cordelius, and Starr Drops.
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