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Whether TikTok-viral or entirely unique finds, these products are very much worth having on hand.
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Every time I'm doom-scrolling through social media and one of those cool hacky kitchen products pops up on my FYP(For You Page), I convince myself I will remember to buy it later. And then later–a.k.a. the next time I'm viewing toks and reels on end–comes and I end up happening upon the product again, as though it's fate telling me “this will make the (very little) time you spend in the kitchen easier, Kelsey.” And so today I say to yes with fate and yes to exciting hacky kitchen gadgets.
From an electric butter sprayer to bunny-shaped toaster tongs, please enjoy this list of handy and hacky kitchen gadgets that could be considered both conversation-starters (for when you have guests over) or stress-enders. And when you're done perusing this list, make sure to check out similar products from our roundup on some of TikTok's top trending products.
Automatic Pan Stirrer
If you don’t have the time or energy to stand there and manually–and continuously–stir that sauce in your pot for dinner, then you need this automatic pan stirrer ASAP. This gives you more time to, you know, not stand there and watch your sauce and do other things like entertain guests, stop the cats from stealing vegetables off the counter, etc. You can also choose between rechargeable and battery-powered based on your own preference, and now you won't need to choose between watching the pan and watching your fave show.
Roll Down Egg Dispenser
This two-tiered roll down egg dispenser is such a cool space-saving hack and looks sleek in your fridge. It can hold up to 12-14 standard, large, or jumbo eggs and it’s a great way to keep track of how many eggs you actually have left instead of guessing how many you last saw in the carton. Join the 200+ people who have bought it in the past week and watch your eggs disappear before your very eyes–instead of so randomly and rapidly from within the carton's not-so-safe space.
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Snap N’ Strain Pot & Pasta Strainer
Down from $25
This genius product is an incredible way to strain your pasta hands-free, plus its nonstick grip prevents food from falling out while draining. This pasta strainer is made from flexible silicone that allows it to snap onto any size/material pot, pan, or bowl with ease. It's also half the size of a regular strainer, which makes it the perfect space-saving solution for your cooking needs. Just clip, tilt, strain, and relax.
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Bunny Toaster Tongs
There are many things I think of only when I need them, and toaster tongs are one of them. It’s so frustrating whenever I’m waiting for my piece of sourdough to pop up, only to realize it’s about to burn to a crisp because it’s been jammed into the toaster, and now my already-ready avocado (thanks to my handy avocado peeler and slicer) is getting lonely. (Okay, I know my food doesn’t have feelings, but I do, and this is a real first-world problem.) Thankfully, the genius designers behind OTOTO have devised something so adorable and convenient that there’s no way I can say no to a-skip-and-a-hopping my way to cart with these bunny-shaped toaster tongs in it.
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Portable Ice Cube Maker
Is this portable ice cube maker not one of the cutest and most practical things you’ve ever seen? I am obsessed with its slim design and how you can use it to either bring ice with you to your destination or use it as a water bottle plus ice. Literally just freeze the ice cubes (into those little aesthetically pleasing spheres) and pull open the bottle at both sides when you want the ice cubes to pop into it. Then just pour them out, obsess some more, and enjoy!
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Dash Electric Butter Sprayer
You know how it’s important to keep plants well-maintained by spraying them with water? Well, is it not arguably just as important to have a butter sprayer on hand whenever your popcorn needs a refresh? That's right–this butter sprayer eliminates the need for a butter knife at the table. Also, even if germs don’t bother you, I (a self-proclaimed germaphobe) would love something like this when entertaining guests and not wanting to make a fuss about people potentially dipping their used silverware into the butter, so on and so forth. Plus, this product is a great conversation starter. Imagine someone randomly pulling this out while watching a movie to top your butter off.
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Clear Refrigerator Organizer Bins
Down from $31
This is your reminder before your doom-scrolling through TikTok reminds you later: you should definitely order some organizer bins for your refrigerator if you haven’t already. These sturdy bins are easy to access with a built-in handle and they’re a great way to see which fruit and veggies you should eat before they go bad. Let’s build better habits here and now (Kelsey)!
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Microwave Cleaner
Down from $13
This microwave cleaner is another genius design and way to stop having to fully wipe down your microwave yourself. Just add vinegar and water to this “Angry Mama” cleaner, pop it into the microwave, and let her spin around for seven minutes. This is such a creative product that does the job, costs so little, and is very high-rated.
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