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Peter 06 July 2023
Samsung Smart wearables Rumors
Samsung patented a smart ring way back in 2015. The idea was that by twisting it around your finger you could control your smart home – changing channels on the TV, dimming the lights, closing the blinds and so on. That was years ago and nothing came of it, but now leaks suggest that a ring is happening.
Earlier this year Samsung trademarked “Galaxy Ring”, other possible names are “Samsung Circle”, “Samsung Index” and “Samsung Insight”. The latest mention of Ring was spotted in the new Samsung Health Beta by Reddit user dumbdeniz.
The latest Samsung Health Beta mentions Ring Support
The latest Samsung Health Beta mentions Ring Support
The app doesn’t reveal much, but this suggests that the Ring will have health-tracking features.
As an example of what features are possible on a smart ring, the Oura Smart Ring 3rd gen from 2021 had continuous heart rate and blood-oxygen tracking, measured skin temperature, had sleep tracking and step counting as well. Battery life (according to the manufacturer) was up to a week.
Samsung has not said anything about a smart ring officially, but it has the Galaxy Watch6 series coming on July 26 and that might be the best time to introduce the ring too.
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Also, Levi's has already made smart jeans that can link up to a phone. Apple partnered with them to make one.
Exactly my thought. Combine that with virtual reality to take everyone's attention away from the real world and we're hurtling towards an actual dystopia…
Don't forget about smart underwear from Xiaomi
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