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Yordan 06 July 2023
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Meta did a limited launch of Threads yesterday as a direct competitor of Twitter. Users can post texts, images, and videos up to 5 minutes and like, comment and re-share other people’s messages.
And despite the limited availability the first 7 hours after the platform was started saw 10 million people signing up, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed. This is the latest update on his page, as the previous two revealed 2 million sign-ups for the first 2 hours, and reaching 5 million in 4 hours.
Quick math reveals between 250 and 350 people from more than 100 countries register every second. The number probably would have been higher if Threads launched in the European Union, but regulators confirmed yesterday that Meta is still working to make the new service GDPR-compliant, and users in the EU will have to wait a little bit before registering the platform.
Threads is not just aiming to be an alternative to Musk’s Twitter, Zuckerberg claims. It will soon be compatible with the open protocol ActivityPub, meaning it will be interoperable with Mastodon and WordPress, allowing for new types of connection between people that are not possible on current popular social media apps.
Threads is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as well as on desktop at The easiest way to connect is with existing Instagram account and username. The service itself will soon get more features, such as suggested posts, more robust search function and easier navigation for following trends in real life, similarly to hashtags.
You playin, the whole sign-up process is sooo quick, and the timing couldn't be better (Thank you, Elon Muss). And the "simple person" that you mentioned, they don't live their lives like "Huh Google Bad Google Spy We Have to…
Sorry to say, I don't use any Meta app or Twitter at all either
As you can see, the planet goes to bits before zuckerburgers corporation,fails. People like to be sold, stay home, be nothing, do nothing. Is their thing.
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