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Peter 06 July 2023
Xreal VR
Xreal (née Nreal) has updated its Nebula for Mac application – the latest version allows owners of Xreal headsets to use virtual monitors or enjoy a virtual cinema experience.
Using either the Xreal Air or the Xreal Light, the Nebula app can create three virtual displays – one that mirrors your MacBook display, plus two extended displays. Each can be adjusted and positioned as needed – you can change their size between 45” and 154” and bring them as close as 1.5m or push them out to 9m (5-30ft). The displays can also be rotated at an angle if you prefer portrait over landscape orientation.
The headsets have 3DoF tracking, so the virtual displays will remain in a fixed position in space as you turn your head around.
Xreal allows its employees to work on their own side projects, similar to other tech companies. If a project proves popular, the company puts more resources into it to develop it into a feature for its users.
That’s the story of Spatial Cinema. Instead of three displays, this creates one large virtual silver screen so that you can enjoy movies as they were intended. This can be used while traveling (so you don’t have to rely on in-flight entertainment) or just at home as an additional large display.
You can find the Nebula app over on Xreal’s site. If you are a Windows user, a Nebula for Windows app is in the works too. Besides computers, Xreal headsets also work with iOS and Android phones.
The Xreal Air is available in the US through the official site and Amazon at a price of $380. If you’re in the UK, check with EE, the glasses are priced at £400.
The Air use micro-OLED displays and have a 46° FoV, prescription lenses are supported. Normally, they are powered over USB-C (from a MacBook or an Android phone) or wirelessly. The first wireless option is the adapter, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PS5 and Switch, this one costs $60. Alternatively, you can use the newly announced Xreal Beam. We also mentioned the Xreal Light, but those are mostly targeted at AR developers so the Air are the ones to get as a user.
Xreal Air Xreal Air Xreal Air
Xreal Air
Interestingly, Xreal says that it saw an uptick in sales after Apple announced the Vision Pro. Rather than as a competitor, Xreal sees that its goals are aligned with Apple to further the so-called “spatial computing”.
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cinema is enjoyed by watching together with people around you on big led screen and big speakers.. what's the point watching cinema alone on top of that a virtual aka fake one?
They should fix the phone app for the phones they officially support. AR is not working at all.
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