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Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars released Season 19 called Enchanted Woods just a few days back on 3rd July. The new update brings two exciting brawlers, a new daily reward system, and a variety of tempting skins based on multiple themes.
A hotdog-wielding dinosaur called Doug is the next upcoming brawler following the release of Cordelius, together they are the two new characters introduced to Brawl Stars as part of Season 19: Enchanted Woods.
A lot of data about Doug has been released well ahead of time and here is everything you need to know about this brawler.
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Doug is a huge character based on a pre-historic creature who seems quite friendly with a broad smile plastered on his face, and armed with a hotdog in his hand.
To be more precise, it is a support class, mythic rarity brawler, with high health, fast movement speed, huge damage output at close range, and ability to heal allies.
Brawl Stars
It is common knowledge that Supercell mostly releases one new brawler every month. For July, the game has already been presented with Cordelius as part of Season 19: Enchanted Woods, but there are two brawlers set to release as part of this update.
Hence, the community expects Doug to be released in Brawl Stars sometime in early August 2023, likely within the first week itself.
Do keep in mind that no official statement or release date for Doug has been announced by the game or any of its developers. At this point in time, this is just a mere speculation that is backed by multiple trusted leakers and data miners.
Every brawler in the game has the following distribution of skills, one primary weapon, one super ability, two gadgets, and two star powers. Here is the entre skillset of Doug in full detail.
Primary Weapon – Snack Attack
“Fresh food for friends, expired for others. Heals allies and damages enemies the closer they are to you.”
Doug has a melee attack that damages enemies and heals allies simultaneously in a small area of effect. Do keep in mind that the heal is always 50% of the damage.
The closer an enemy is to the brawler the more damage it will take, similarly the closer an ally the more they will heal.
The damage or heal takes effect immediately. However, to balance things out the brawler’s reload speed and attack cooldown is relatively slowed.
Super Ability – Second Serving
“A special spiced up hot dog for a target ally or Doug himself. When a buffed Brawler is defeated, they will come back with 50% health after a short delay.”
Doug throws a hotdog on himself or one of his allies, granting them the ability to respawn at the same position where they die after a short delay.
The respawned brawler will have 50% of their total health and one additional ammo, but no temporary invincibility.
This ability has to be well-timed because if a brawler does not die within five seconds of obtaining the buff, it simply expires.
Gadgets – Double Sausage, Extra Mustard
Double Sausage
“The next Snack Attack only heals allies but doubles the amount.”
This add-on to Doug’s primary weapon, Snack Attack, provides the next instance of this ability to heal twice as much without dealing any damage.
Extra Mustard
“The next Snack Attack only damages enemies but doubles the amount.”
This add-on to Doug’s primary weapon, Snack Attack, provides the next instance of this ability to damage twice as much without providing any healing.
Star Powers – Fast Food, Self Service
Fast Food
“Resurrected targets gain increased movement speed for 3 seconds after being resurrected.”
This passive ability provides Doug or his allies with a burst of move speed for up to three seconds after they respawn via his ultimate, Second Serving.
Self Service
“Snack Attack also heals Doug by 20% of the normal value.”
This passive ability provides Doug with 20% of the heal provided to his allies via the primary weapon, Snack Attack.
The passive stacks with other amplifiers like his own gadget, Double Sausage, and 8-Bit’s ultimate, Damage Booster.
Brawl Stars
Doug – Brawler
Power 1: 4800 HP
Power 11: 7200
770 (Fast)
Primary Weapon – Snack Attack
Power 1: 600-1200 (Min to Max)
Power 11: 900-1800 (Min to Max)
Power 1: 300-600 (Min to Max Range)
Power 11: 450-900 (Min to Max Range)
Range, Width
3.33 (Very Short), 0.67
Reload Speed, Projectile Speed
1.8 Sec (Normal), 3800
Super Charge
Normal: 24.99% – 12.49% (Min to Max Range)
Extra Mustard: 49.99% – 24.99% (Min to Max Range)
Super Ability – Second Serving
7.33 (Long)
Projectile Speed
5 Sec
Gadget – Double Sausage, Extra Mustard
Charge/Match: Three
Unlock Level: Power Seven
Star Powers – Fast Food, Self Service
Unlock Level: Power Nine
These are all the gameplay-related things that we know about Doug, who is going to be the first-ever brawler with the ability to revive his allies in the battlefield. The community is very interested in trying him out as he steps out with a unique skill set that could shake things up for good.
Doug goes on to join Buzz as one of the Velocirapids Water Park trio which is now only a member short, piquing everyone’s attention as to who could be the third.
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