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We also present to you details about the Sony MDR-MV1 Headphones among others.
Sol Reader

Klima is a climate super app that helps you calculate your personal carbon footprint, reduce your emissions gradually, offset emissions by supporting verified climate projects that remove or reduce the same emissions elsewhere and will help you advocate the message. Pictured above is Klima’s smart AC controller which helps you connect your ACs and automate your home climate thereby reducing energy bills by 30 per cent.

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Orient Mako 40

Orient’s new 40 mm diving line has an in-house automatic watch movement and comes with 200 m water resistance. It also comes in a choice of cool colours allowing usage for casual and formal wear for both men and women. The 40 mm watch comes with a stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, luminous hands, screw down crown and a power reserve of around 40 hours.
INR 33,500*
Sol Reader

Sol Reader is my favourite device of the week. It’s basically an e-reader that you can wear for an immersive reading experience. Sol Reader promises a comfortable fit weighing only 104 g (as much a as a sunglass), uses E ink displays side-lit by warm white LEDs for a true book reading experience.
INR 28,700*
Sony MDR-MV1 Headphones

The MDR-MV1 provides accurate sound object positioning and extended spatial sound reproducibility within a 360 degree space. In short clear, hi-res, nuanced and detailed sound with a wide frequency range and most importantly an accurate soundstage. The drivers provide ultra-wideband playback (5 Hz-80 kHz) with natural frequencies. These headphones are ideal for professional use including mixing and mastering environments for accuracy.
INR 39,990*
Gadget Review –
Orient Aeroquiet BLDC Fan

Orient Electric has a sparkling new range of BLDC (Brushless direct current motor) fans including the Aeroquiet BLDC pictured here. I’ve been using the Aeroquiet for a month now and have noticed remarkable changes compared to my previous regular ceiling fan. The biggest change is the higher air delivery generated by this fan which helps me cool down faster and covers a larger area. It’s also much quieter compared to conventional fans and looks sleek and modern. I’ve also noticed a dip in the amount of power consumed in the room the Aeroquiet BLDC is fixed which will eventually help reduce my energy bills. In the long run an Orient BLDC fan will be more energy efficient, cost efficient and durable. Time to upgrade to BLDC!
INR 10,735*
Syska GN65CR GaN Pro Travel adapter

Mobile phone chargers come in all sizes and shapes, I make it a point to use GaN chargers only as they are more efficient and power up your phones, accessories and PCs rapidly and safely. Syska’s new 65 W GaN charger is a blessing as it comes with 2 USB-C ports and a USB-A port for charging multiple devices at once. The triple port charging helps me charge my iPhone, Android phone and my Mac all using the same charger. This charger is ideal for travel. Performance is good with the ability to charge iPhones up to 20 W power, smartphones rapid charging depending on device and quick charge for my Macbook Air (0-100 per cent in 1.5 hours). The charger also offers protection against over-voltage and over-temperature.
INR 1,799*
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Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4

Air Purifiers have become essential now due to the poor quality of air outdoors as well as indoors. Xiaomi’s Smart Air purifier packs a punch thanks to its ability to purify a 215 sq ft room in just 10 minutes and with its high CADR it can even cover upto 516 sq ft in ideal conditions. This new air purifier has a brilliant display to show PM values, temperature and humidity and can be controlled using the Xiaomi Home app with ease. Performance is excellent with minimal sound, quick air purification, negative air ionisation on request, odour elimination thanks to the Activated carbon filter component and a True HEPA filter to eliminate maximum number of micro particles including dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair and more. Having used air filters for the last 5 years I can safely say that quality of life and breathing is dramatically improved with one.
INR 14,999*
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