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Today, TUXEDO launches the 5th generation of the Stellaris 17 — a hardcore gaming and workstation notebook. The laptop is everything a cutting-edge, upper-tier gaming desktop PC should be, but in a compact, portable, and robust package.
The Linux laptop is a high-end desktop replacement encased in a premium chassis. The machine’s remarkable power is made possible by NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics cards (with the option of up to the GeForce RTX 4090) and the top-tier Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU.
The powerful hardware is complemented by a really neat cooling solution. The Stellaris 17 features the most robust cooling mechanism of any TUXEDO notebook, including an optional stationary water cooling system, the TUXEDO Aquaris. The Aquaris amplifies the device’s high-performing air cooling system, maintaining cool temperatures and reducing noise emissions.
The laptop has quite the impressive display too — a 17.0-inch, 16:10 aspect ratio screen with a brightness of about 380 nits, making it suitable for outdoor use. This coupled with a fast 240Hz refresh rate and G-SYNC compatibility, makes it a gamer’s dream.
In terms of its raw power, all GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards operate at their maximum Total Graphics Power, going up to 175 watts for the RTX 4080 and 4090. Coupled with the Core i9-13900HX, one of Intel’s fastest mobile CPUs, and up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM, the device should deliver top-of-the-line performance.
Despite packing such powerful hardware, the TUXEDO Stellaris 17 maintains a moderate height of 2.7 cm and a compact footprint of 38.2 x 27.3 cm. Weighing in at 2.8 kg, it’s truly a portable powerhouse. Its high-quality and sturdy chassis is made from aluminum and rigid plastics, delivering a premium build quality that should also feel pleasant to touch.
The Stellaris 17 also offers keyboard customization, including an option for a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches or a quieter, solid membrane keyboard. The 99Wh battery, the largest permitted on an airplane, offers up to 10 hours of idle use and about 7 hours of web browsing and office work.
Like all TUXEDO notebooks, the Stellaris 17 is available for pre-order now with customizable configurations and full Linux support. Starting with the base configuration at around 1,815 EUR (excl. VAT), deliveries will begin in early August. You can order the powerful computer here now.
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