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3Tx antenna transmission
Samsung Electronics and MediaTek, have reached a significant milestone in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless mobile capabilities. They have triumphed in testing the 5G Standalone Uplink (UL) 2CC Carrier Aggregation (CA) combined with C-Band UL MIMO to attain peak uplink speeds. The innovative use of three transmit (3Tx) antennas marks a revolutionary step forward in improving mobile upload experiences, promising a future of advanced connectivity for global consumers.
In the digital age, where live streaming, multi-player gaming, and video conferencing are the norm, the demand for better uplink performance has seen a significant surge. Uplink speeds play a crucial role in determining how rapidly a device can transmit data to gaming servers or send high-resolution videos to the cloud.
Until now, smartphones and customer premise equipment (CPEs) have been restricted to supporting 2Tx antennas. However, Samsung and MediaTek’s industry-first demonstration has validated the augmented capabilities of 3Tx antenna support. The breakthrough not only optimizes upload speeds, but it also amplifies the spectrum and data transmission efficiency. Additionally, it fosters the overall network performance, making it a groundbreaking advancement in the mobile industry.
The achievement was marked in Samsung’s laboratory based in Suwon, Korea, utilizing its top-tier 5G network solutions, which include its C-Band Massive MIMO radios, virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), and core. MediaTek’s test device, equipped with its new M80-based CPE chipset, started with one uplink channel each at 1,900 MHz and 3.7 GHz. It added an additional uplink flow using MIMO on 3.7 GHz.
The collaboration led to both companies achieving a peak throughput rate of 363 Mbps. This uplink speed is nearly at the theoretical peak when using 3Tx antennas, solidifying this milestone in mobile capabilities.
For those interested in the technicalities of 5G and antenna transmissions, you may find more information on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) websites. These institutions are responsible for setting the regulations, standards, and development for the technologies involved.
Source: Samsung

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