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Find this important mission item.
Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ contains hundreds of items that you can discover while scavenging around the map. Aside from weapons, killstreaks, and other utility-based items, there are also plenty of other items that serve a variety of other purposes. The AQ Laptop is one such new item released in season four.
The Al Qatala Laptop is an item that is necessary to complete several new missions in DMZ for various factions. Though the AQ Laptop has several spawn points, it is still a difficult item to find and spawns far less frequently than other mission-related items. The underground Koschei Complex is a prime location to find an AQ Laptop, though it certainly will take some luck and patience.
If you are trying to locate an AQ Laptop in Warzone 2 DMZ, this is what you will need to know.
Like many other assorted items in Warzone 2 DMZ, there is no set spawn location for the AQ Laptop and unfortunately, there is no way to get around this item’s RNG spawn point. While this means that there is no guaranteed spot in Koschei Complex to find the laptop, it does also mean that you can find it virtually anywhere.
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Also unlike other item caches found in Koschei Complex, there are no specific types of caches, bags, or other storage containers that typically contain the AQ Laptop. While Chemicals can specifically be found in green, wooden caches, the laptop could be found anywhere.
Unlike other spots on Al Mazrah, Koschei Complex is one of the few places guaranteed to contain an AQ Laptop, though it might take some time to find it. I managed to find my AQ Laptop near the Rohan Oil bunker entrance. You should enter Koschei Complex with plenty of guns, ammo, and lots of patience. 
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