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Victor 08 July 2023
Google Mobile hardware Rumors
As things currently stand, Google does plenty of customization on its own Tensor line of chipsets for the Pixel family of devices. However, at their core, the designs are still largely based on a Samsung Exynos foundation. Google is also using Samsung foundries to manufacture said chips. As per industry sources, Google is working to restructure this setup so that it has more control over its custom chip designs.
We already know that the Tensor G3 is also developed alongside Samsung. It is destined to power the Pixel 8 phones. It’s most likely already too late to make any alterations on that front. Apparently, Google did have plans to move to an entirely in-house design for the Tensor G4 chips destined for the Pixel 10 family. Allegedly, those plans have also fallen through, and the G4 custom chip design, codenamed “Redondo,” might not happen at all due to challenges in coordination between Google’s American and Indian teams and high personnel turnover.
This means that it is likely that Google with stick with Samsung for the Tensor G4 generation and Pixel 10 family as well. However, sources claim that a Tensor G5 chipset, codenamed “Laguna,” might be on track to be the first developed entirely in-house by Google. It is aimed for a 2025 potential release, and if rumors are true, Google might look to TSMC to manufacture the “Laguna” chip on a 3nm process.
Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, and we are looking quite far into the future. Regardless, entirely in-house chip design could potentially open up a whole new world of possibilities for Google to create hardware to accelerate its myriad of advanced smartphone features and innovate even further.
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