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Intel Meteor Lake & Raptor Lake CPU SKUs for next-gen laptops have been leaked out in a slide posted by Moore’s Law is Dead.
The leaked slide shows that Intel has multiple SKUs of Meteor Lake CPUs “Core Ultra” ready for launch later this fall whereas the company also plans on offering refreshed and brand new SKUs within the Raptor Lake refresh lineup.
Starting with the Intel Meteor Lake CPU lineup, there are three key segments here which include Meteor Lake-U ranging from 7-15W, Meteor Lake-P which includes 28W chips, and Meteor Lake-H which includes up to 45W chips. The power ratings stated here are PL1 and not measured at boost clocks.
The Intel Meteor Lake-U lineup will consist of the most diverse range of configurations including the following:
Moving over to the Meteor Lake-P lineup, we have a total of three die configurations starting with the top 14-core and moving down to 12 and 10 cores.
Lastly, for the top Intel Meteor Lake-H lineup, there are also three configurations, and each feature 8 Xe iGPU cores:
All of the recent demo and test units have so far featured the Meteor Lake-P 14-core die which we got a good look at Computex 2023. It is reported that these chips will utilize an upgraded version of the Alchemist architecture known as Alchemist+ (first leaked by RedGamingTech).
This new design is said to offer 33% more graphics cores compared to existing iGPUs which max out at 96 cores. So that means we are looking at 128 cores which is evident by the leaked SKU slide and also pointed out in previous leaks. Mini PC manufacturer, GMK, has already pointed out the performance of the iGPU to be in between a GTX 1650 Ti & RTX 3050 (35W) which should be slightly ahead of AMD’s RDNA 3 iGPU on the Phoenix APUs.
Some highlighted features of the Intel Alchemist iGPUs include:
The Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will be branded under the new “Core Ultra” series and will be the first-gen to kick things off. They will also be accompanied with a few Raptor Lake-U chips which will be targetted at low-end platforms and fall under the Non-Ultra series.
In addition to the Meteor Lake stuff, the slide also reveals SKUs that Intel has planned out for the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup. These 14th Gen chips will be part of the enthusiast HX lineup which is utilizing the same dies as the desktop ones. Do remember that Raptor Lake-S Refresh is coming to desktops too so we might see some of these new SKUs on there too. The chips include four SKUs & all are rated at a base PL1 TDP of 55W:
The Intel Raptor Lake-HX 20 Core configuration comprising of 8 P-Cores and 12 E-Cores is certainly new and it would definitely be an upgrade over the existing Core i7-13700HX and Core i7-13700K CPUs. Intel is expected to fully unveil its next-gen laptop lineup at the Innovation event on the 19th of September.

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