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22 Words
22 Words
Prime Day is one of the best days in the world! At least when it comes to amazing deals. You can find all sorts of amazing things on Prime Day that are going to knock your socks off. And if you’re unsure where to start looking, just check out this list. We’ve rounded up the very best that TikTok has been obsessed with lately. We might not know if they’re going to be on sale yet, but we do know that TikTok is crazy about them, and we are, too. Scroll through this list, and you’re sure to find tons of things you’ve got to have!
You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).
If you don’t already have a microfiber towel, this Prime Day is the day to get it! It’s quick drying, it’s super packable, and it’s easy to wash wherever you are. If you’re camping or traveling to a bare-bones location, there’s nothing better to pack then this towel.
This beach towel that TikTok loves isn’t just a jumbo beach towel you can stretch out on; it’s also a microfiber towel. That means you don’t have to worry about sand sticking in the fibers, and you don’t have to worry about how long it’ll take to dry before you put it back in your car.
If you pay any attention to CleanTok, then you know how seriously folks take their car cleaning process. And one of the best tools they use to do it is this amazing car vacuum. It gets into all those nooks and crannies for the best clean possible. And when you’re done? Pack it up and store it away in the trunk.
Believe it or not, you can actually light your candles without having to use a flame. This flameless lighter works using the magical power of electricity. That means you can light your candles no matter what the weather throws at you and without burnt thumbs no matter how many candles you have to light.
These glass meal prep containers are what TikTok has been using to store all of those delicious, pre-prepped meals. They’re dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and free of any of those yucky chemicals. Make the most of your favorite, tastiest meals when you buy these containers on Prime Day.
Everyone has tough, calloused feet at one point in their lives. But we don’t have to live this way! If you grab these peeling feet masks TikTok is obsessed with, you can keep your feet looking and feeling beautiful, soft, and like they’re brand new.
On Prime Day, you’re going to want to get your hands on the Sdara derma face roller. The microneedles help you to tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and bring a beautiful glow. And if you pair it with your skincare, the absorption gets better!
Everyone breaks out, even those of us that thought we were well beyond the “breakout” age. That’s why it’s such a good idea to keep Dots for Spots on hand. In a matter of hours, you’ll see a noticeable difference in those random spots that pop-up.
You can’t avoid stress, but you can make that stress a little easier to handle when you have this beautiful gua sha set. It helps you to de-puff your skin, tighten your face, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And it helps soak in all of those wonderful skincare products.
Don’t worry about the harsh and damaging rays of those built-in blue lights from your phone and computer screens when you have these great blue light-blocking magazines. On Prime Day, be sure that you get yourself this great pair that looks good and does so much.
Not only does Angry Orange work hard on smells, but it also does a terrific job of removing stains. It’s not like your other sprays, though, it’s an enzyme cleaner that works to get down into the upholstery and pull the scent out. Use the included blacklight, and you can be sure you find all of the messes and stains.
Sure, TikTok loves the Nespresso machine, but they also love the Coffee Gator espresso machine, and it’s far more affordable! It pulls a delicious shot of espresso that just can’t be beat. You’re going to want to share it with all of your friends and family!
Using these TikTok-famous hangers, you can make more space in your closet and add more clothes there while you’re at it. You can put up to five skirts or pairs of pants on them. Be sure you grab at least one of these hangers Prime Day.
TikTok really loves being organized and making the most of the space available. That’s why this Prime Day, you should be on the lookout for these fantastic shoe storage bins! They’re just the right height and shape that you can slide them away under your bed.
If you haven’t seen these Boxwood panels on TikTok before, you’re missing out! These panels help you create a beautiful, attractive, exciting statement wall that’s easy to assemble and stunning to behold for parties or just because. Be sure you grab it while you can this Prime Day.
Make your favorite, tastiest cup of coffee in your own home with this milk frother. But this isn’t just for coffee, you can use it to blend up your favorite nutritional greens, your pre- or post-workout, and all sorts of other inclusions in your drinks.
Why just meal prep when you can lunch box prep? With this TikTok beloved set, you can put your midday meal together and then pack it up perfectly so it’s ready to go the next morning. You don’t want to miss it when Prime Day rolls around!
The ChomChom Roller chomps up all of that annoying pet hair. Sure, we love our pets, but we could really do without all of their annoying fur. It just gets into everything, gets all over our clothes, and then we’re wearing our pets all day long. But not with the ChomChom Roller (thanks, TikTok!). Get it this Prime Day!
Embrace the ultimate relaxation when you have this foot massager on your side. TikTok is all about the self-care, and that self-care is made far easier when you get your hands on this beautiful foot massager. Prime Day is the day to jump on this purchase!
Hair isn’t easy to take care of, but it deserves every bit of the care we give to it. This Boldplex Bond Restore Treatment from BOLD UNIQ helps repair all of the bonds in your hair and any damage that’s been done to it. While you’re packing your Prime Day cart, you should be sure to add this one.
Being outdoors is wonderful, but it’s hard to enjoy the experience when you have to sleep on the cold, hard ground. That’s why we’re recommending that this Prime Day, you look at this Wise Owl Outfitters hammock. It’s so comfortable, it’s easy to pack, and it’s so sturdy. Grab it on Prime Day!
By nature, trunks tend to get pretty dang messy. But who wants to deal with a messy trunk? TikTok sure doesn’t, and that’s why they’ve shown us this fantastic trunk organizer that keeps everything right where you want it. Get your hands on it this Prime Day!
Don’t worry about your carbon footprint so much when you have these Swedish Dishcloths on your side. They’re basically like reusable paper towels — they offer the same beautiful absorbency as paper towels, but you can use them over and over, and they’re much cuter!
We can’t give you more hours in your day, but thanks to all of the incredible WFH TikTok videos, we’ve discovered this amazing DeskCycle that lets you work while you work out. It’s almost like more hours in your day. Be sure you grab it up this Prime Day.
Give your blonde locks a beautiful shine and refresh with the BOLD UNIQ Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner set. The set pulls all of the brassy undertones out of your hair to leave it looking fresh and beautiful like you’ve just come out of the salon.
On this Amazon Prime Day, embrace your inner TikTok Mixologist with this amazing cocktail bar set. This set comes complete with all of the tools that you need to shake up your favorite drinks and cocktails for yourself, your friends, or your family and a gorgeous stand to put it all in.
Protect all of your furniture from those savage cat claws that have a tendency to tear apart everything you love. TikTok has introduced us to these amazing furniture protectors, and those protectors just might be on sale this Prime Day, so be sure you run, don’t walk!
You love your pup, and that means your pup deserves to feel that love! Including this incredibly soft and comfortable dog bed. Your pup can be as comfortable as possible, and you can feel good about what you’re giving them. Let them recline like the regal animals they are.
If you’re interested in feeling better, if you’re in need of a little more happiness in the darker months, you need this therapy lamp that TikTok has shown us. It makes you feel better, happier and also is a great working light. Be sure to get it this Prime Day!
If you’re interested in making any of those tasty recipes you keep seeing on TikTok, you’re going to want to get your hands on these swing-top bottles. You can batch-make your favorite seasoned oils, delicious dressings, and tasty juices. And you can easily label them, too!


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