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Asus has been leading the way in the folding screen laptop market with its Zenbook Fold line. However, it seems that Apple is gearing up to challenge this dominance. Reports out of Korea reported by BusinessKorea suggest that the tech giant is currently in talks with suppliers to launch a foldable screen MacBook, which could be released in 2026.
This move from Apple could significantly boost the currently sluggish display market. Korean display makers Samsung Display and LG Display already investing heavily in OLED panels for laptops. Both companies are said to be coordinating development and production plans for foldable OLED panels for laptops. As the market for them grows.
If Apple does indeed place an order for foldable screens, it would make a huge impact on this still nascent market. Larger display sizes are believed to be more profitable for panel makers. Despite the greater difficulty in achieving high pixel densities on larger screens. Nevertheless, foldable displays for laptops are more profitable than foldable displays for smartphones. Presenting a significant opportunity for display makers to earn additional revenue in the near future.
An unveiling of the foldable screen MacBook is expected in 2025. Paving the way for what could be a major shift in the laptop market. With Asus currently leading the way, Apple’s entry into the foldable screen laptop market could truly shake things up. And lead to exciting new developments for consumers.
Foldable screen laptops are still a relatively new concept, with the technology only just beginning to hit the market. However, they have already generated a significant amount of buzz among tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. The ability to fold a laptop in half opens up a range of new possibilities for how we use and interact with these devices.
For example, foldable screen laptops could provide greater flexibility for professionals who need to work on the go. With a foldable screen laptop, it’s possible to take your work with you wherever you go. Without sacrificing screen real estate or performance.
Furthermore, foldable screen laptops could also be a game changer for media consumption. Imagine being able to fold your laptop in half and watch a movie or video on a larger screen. Without having to carry around a separate device. The possibilities are endless.
In conclusion, if Apple does indeed release a foldable screen MacBook, it could be a major turning point for the laptop market. With the potential to provide greater flexibility and new use cases, foldable screen laptops could become the next big thing in tech. Only time will tell how this competition will play out. But it’s clear that the future of laptops is looking increasingly flexible.
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