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TABLETS are all pretty samey but Google has managed to come up with something a bit different this time.
The brand new Pixel Tablet comes with a charging dock which also acts as a speaker.
But is it enough to win people over from iPad?
The Pixel Tablet stays true to the long-running Pixel design.
And when docked, it looks just like one of the Nest Hubs.
It comes in a rounded, aluminium body that's light with a smooth matte texture.
The speaker dock has a tough fabric feel to it.
Put the tablet against the dock and it grabs the device and sticks it firmly into place with four magnetic dots on the back – and a funky animation will appear.
It's available in two colours: porcelain and hazel.
The display is a glossy 2560 x 1600 resolution that works beautifully in tablet mode and "hub mode" as Google call it.
Watching a movie on it as I travel is a delight with Bluetooth headphones – though there's no headphone jack for those who prefer wired.
I'm quite impressed by the speaker audio too, which seems to play out very clear sound for such a thin device.
Given that it's an Android tablet, you have the full selection of apps on the Google Play Store at your disposal for games.
Some major apps like Instagram aren't optimised for tablets.
But WhatsApp is.
If you want to do video calls there's a front-facing camera.
Use Google Meet for HD video calling and the camera follows you so you can around as you move.
There's also a fingerprint unlock feature to keep things secure between family members – perfect for the multi-profile accounts.
The dock is the unique selling point on the Pixel Tablet.
It delivers some fantastic sound that will fill the room while charging the tablet up.
However, it only works with the Pixel Tablet attached.
Ie, you can't use it as a Bluetooth speaker, which feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.
The Pixel Tablet is a great combo with the dock throw into the mix.
It works as a solid tablet and smart home hub interchangeably.
At £599 it doesn't come cheap and might not be enough to lure people away from the appeal of Apple's iPad.
But existing Android lovers will feel right at home.
All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.
Always do your own research before making any purchase.
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