Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX CPUs To Utilize 8+16 Core Die: More Cores, Threads & Cache For Laptops – Wccftech

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Intel’s 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX CPUs for enthusiast-grade laptops will be getting a big boost in terms of core and cache counts.
According to new information revealed by Golden Pig Upgrade at Bilibili, it is reported that the 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX Refresh lineup is expected to drop the existing 8+8 and 6+0 silicon and instead rely entirely on the 8+16 silicon. This higher-end silicon will enable Intel to offer SKUs with more L2 cache and more cores than what we got with the 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup.
The 14th generation HX and the old 8+8 and 6+0 are not like the desktop. At present, the whole series will be based on the 8+16 core and the L2 cache will also be filled. Increase to 8+12 and 14650HX to 8+8. 14500HX is understood as 13650HX that fills up the cache.
Golden Pig Upgrade via Bilibili (Machine Translated)
It is stated that the Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX Core i5 SKUs and Core i7 SKUs will benefit more from this change. The Intel Core i7-14650HX will offer an 8+8 configuration which is a 20% increase in thread count over its predecessor, the Core i7-13650HX while the Core i7-13850HX & i7-13700HX series will benefit from the 8+12 die. The Core i5-14500HX will feature a similar configuration as the Core i7-13650HX but offer a higher L2 cache.
In a recent slide leaked by Moore’s Law is Dead, we got to see a few configurations for the Raptor Lake-HX CPU family which includes three main segments. The Core i9 segment goes up to 8+16 or 24 cores, the Core i7 segment goes up to 8+8 & 8+12 or 16/20 cores while the Core i5 segment is shown to go up to 6+8 or 14 cores. It isn’t mentioned if this lineup is the new refresh series or the existing 13th Gen family.
The leaker also mentions that the top Intel Core i9 Raptor Lake-HX CPUs will retain the same specs but feature a clock speed improvement of up to 200 MHz. It will be interesting to see how Intel tames the thermal power of these chips as Raptor Lake can get really hot and these are the desktop dies we are talking about. The 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX Refresh CPU family is expected to launch later this year with enthusiast-grade designs. The company will also be launching its Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” family this fall.
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