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Discover, repair and restore a range of modern-day items and vintage antiques to their former glory in The Repair House, the next game from Claudiu Kiss, the original creator of PC Building Simulator, launching on PC via Steam on July 19.
In The Repair House, players will immerse themselves in the world of restoration as they dismantle, clean, fix, customise, and sell various items. The game offers a wide selection of objects to work on, including musical instruments, toys, games consoles, arcade cabinets, and more. With a focus on meticulous disassembly, locating individual components, and careful restoration and reassembly, players can learn the ins and outs of the restoration process and perfect their craft.
As players progress, they have the opportunity to set up and customize their own repair house to suit their preferences. From arranging tools and equipment to unlocking new resources and expanding the workspace, the game allows players to open up new restoration opportunities. Additionally, the painting station offers a creative outlet for players to color, spray, stamp, and stencil their newly restored items, giving them a personal touch.
The Repair House presents players with various avenues to explore for unique items. They can participate in auctions to bid on rare and interesting pieces or venture into old barns, where they might stumble upon hidden treasures awaiting restoration. The flea market also holds hidden gems that, once restored, can fetch a substantial profit. For those feeling adventurous, bidding on abandoned storage lots adds an element of mystery, as the contents can only be assessed from the outside. It’s a gamble that can yield unexpected rewards or disappointing outcomes.
In The Repair House, players can experience the thrill of running their own repair house. By successfully completing restoration projects, customizing their workspace, and advancing their level, they can strive to become the ultimate repair house. Claudiu Kiss’s expertise in the repair genre ensures that the game offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for players seeking relaxation and enjoyment.
Rob Feather, Product Manager at Fireshine Games, expressed excitement about the upcoming release of The Repair House, stating, “Claudiu’s experience in the repair genre has brought so much to the game, and we’re hopeful that the array of objects, locations, mechanics, and customization options available in The Repair House will give players an experience they can relax with and enjoy.” The game’s appeal lies in its ability to captivate players with the process of disassembling objects and tapping into their curiosity. The team is eagerly anticipating players’ ventures into their own workshops and the journey of building the ultimate repair house.
The Repair House is available for addition to Steam Wishlists in preparation for its launch on July 19.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
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