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Peter 09 July 2023
Weekly poll Asus
The Asus Zenfone 10 is one popular phone – most people in last week’s poll like it, even if only some of them can actually get it. We will talk about why in a moment, let’s look at the reasons you liked the phone first.
Its size is definitely a plus – it’s not the smallest smartphone around, but small ones don’t usually sell well. People also appreciate the flat screen and 3.5mm headphone jack (though a microSD slot would have been nice). The addition of wireless charging was well received too.
And some want this for the software, they are drawn in by the stock Android UI with Asus enhancements that offer deep performance tuning options, things you normally find on ROG devices.
The interest in the Zenfone 10 comes primarily from new users, most don’t see it as a big enough upgrade over the Zenfone 9.
We have to go back to the software as it is also a weakness, specifically the limited software support. Google and Samsung offer one and two extra updates, respectively. The Zenfone will get 4 years of security patches, which is better than what Sony offers, but still a year short of Google and Samsung.
That said, Pixel phones are available only in select regions. The Zenfone 10 itself isn’t available everywhere yet. For example, there is no word on a launch in India (the Zenfone 9 never made it there).
Anyway, Asus needs to work on more things. People expect a way to take zoomed in photos with their flagship phones – ideally with a dedicated zoom lens or (failing that) a higher resolution main cam. The 50MP sensor does a decent (though not great) job at 2x, but you can’t go much farther than that.
The display is nice, but that 144Hz mode is supported by only a handful of games. Instead of paying extra over a 120Hz panel, the budget could have been spent elsewhere.
And, of course, the price is a concern. Especially once you look at the relatively short support of the phone, which will only get 2 OS updates. For those that want a compact device there is the option of getting a foldable, but let’s just say that is not a very popular option.
My midrange A52 still runs fine. Samsung apps? My phone has some but 256GB of storage is there so no issues. About Ram 8GB is great no more than 3GB is used. Not heavy at all. No any lag.
Galaxy S23, iPhone 13/14, iPhone 13 mini. All better.
Why did Asus removed the AF and 4k30 let alone 4k60 from front facing camera? Instead of improving from predecessor, they tried removing from elsewhere and adding wireless charging which should be in the first place (which I don't mind having). …
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