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Since the dawn of online shopping and shipping delivery, the number one value for money has been innovation. The innovation we access from all over the world is unmatched today more than ever. It is also so unexpected and simple it may pass you by. That’s why we have curated a list of these gadgets and tech that you won’t regret buying.
There’s so much that goes on in our houses that we don’t think much of it until, well, someone points out a simpler way to do it or even get rid of it. From cleaning our beds to catching those pesky spiders, geckos, and roaches around the house, technology has been simplified to simply our daily tasks.
So make a budget and see which of these household gadgets and tech essentials you need this month.
There’s a balance between screaming and running away from small creatures and not squashing them in a panic or adrenaline rush. The spider catcher achieves this balance very well. You can safely catch and release spiders, insects, bugs, millipedes, centipedes, and other critters from your home or office into the wild where they belong.
Have you ever seen doctors using a camera to explore bodily issues that are inaccessible? Well, you can safely do the same when cleaning your ears with this gadget that connects to your phone so you can see what you are doing. Gone are the days of double-checking the cotton swabs which, according to doctors, may even pose a danger to your ears.
Interior design is a must for the modern home. People are always looking for ways to make their homes unique and homely. What better way to do that than with floating lamps? These lamps give your room a magical and cool effect.
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The struggles of mounting a phone on the stiff manual mount are over with this motion sensor car phone mount. You don’t have to struggle to fit your phone because the mount automatically gives you room to set the phone in without doing anything extra on your end.
If you have washed more spoons than cups in a day you know how easy it is for spoons to pile up. They are small enough to not worry about when they are in the sink, but that means every time you want to make a cup of beverage you have to use a clean spoon. The cycle continues. But with this self-stirring mug, with only a press of the button strategically placed by the handle, all the contents of your cup are stirred.
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This leather filler will keep your money, keys, cards, and gum from falling under your car seat or getting lost somewhere there in-between. All you have to do is fit them in the gaps between the two front seats and the cupholder and gear stick.
Keeping your drinks (and eats sometimes) while on the move is hard. Enter the USB drink cooler which simulates a refrigerator but is portable and rechargeable using any USB port. When you need a cold one, pop out your portable cooler and cool off while looking cool.
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You don’t have to worry about transporting your mattress to get cleaned. This vacuum cleaner uses ultraviolet light to get dirt, dust, and creepers, among others out of your mattress. It is easy to use and portable so you don’t have to do much heavy lifting while cleaning, not to mention you can clean your mattress any time you want.
This tray doesn’t leave room for spilling or dropping your drinks. It has a handle that gives your hand movement and the drinks stick to it so they don’t fall. Talk about a party saver.
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Some people go with their phones to the lavatory but the shower remains undefeated unless you have a water-proof phone but even then it can be a lot of work. Well, this shower phone holder is mounted on the wall where you can easily watch your videos while enjoying a shower.
Which one is your first pick? Watch video below from @thatisperfect.
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