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It’s a great time to get into PC gaming, thanks in no small part to Nvidia’s RTX 40-series-backed laptops. The RTX 4060 GPU, in particular, hits the sweet spot between performance and efficiency. The icing on the cake is that these laptops can be had without breaking the bank as well. Don’t believe us? Well, read on, as we’ve detailed some of the best RTX 4060 gaming laptops below. 
While there are options aplenty, we’ve shortlisted power-packed devices that cost under $1,500. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best RTX 4060 gaming laptops. But first, you might also want to read about- 
Now, let’s get on with the article.
The GIGABYTE G5 KF has a lot going for it. For one, it is the most affordable RTX 4060 laptop you can buy at the moment. What’s more, the company has not cut too many corners to bring the machine’s price down either. 
In fact, the device is backed by Intel’s Core i5-12500H CPU, which comes with four performance cores and eight efficiency cores. Put together, the 12-core CPU can deploy up to 16 threads for multi-threaded workloads.
That’s not all, the laptop’s P-cores can also turbo at up to 4.50GHz. As such, the device has plenty of spurt for demanding games too. Speaking of which, the laptop is powered by Nvidia’s RTX 4060 GPU. 
Do note that, unlike some other competing products, the G5 KF’s RTX 4060 offers a 75W TGP only. Understandably, you may have to tone down the graphics settings for demanding AAA titles. On the upside, the laptop gets a snappy 144Hz display that will allow you to enjoy eSports games like Valorant and Apex Legends to the fullest.
To no one’s surprise, buyers have left positive reviews for the machine, with many citing that it can handle a myriad of games without breaking a sweat. Although, we’d recommend you upgrade the laptop’s RAM down the line as 8GB might not suffice for some titles. 
ASUS has, time and again, impressed buyers and critics with its ROG range of gaming notebooks. And, it seems like the brand has hit the ball out of the ballpark with the ROG Strix G16 as well. For one, the laptop comes with a slick design and features an RGB strip at the bottom. What’s more, the device also gets a 4-zone RGB layout for the keyboard deck. In fact, you can customize the lighting pattern for different games too, which is neat. 
More notably, the laptop is backed by Intel’s 13th Gen, Core i7-13650HX CPU. The processor is extremely snappy, which can be accredited to its 14-core cluster comprising six performance cores and eight efficiency cores. The CPU can deploy up to 20 threads at once, and can turbo at a whopping 4.9GHz! Needless to say, the laptop is a godsend for budding creators who rely on CPU-intensive applications like Premiere. 
That’s not all, as the device comes with a beefy RTX 4060 GPU with a TGP of 140W. Add to that, the laptop also gets a MUX switch, which interfaced the dedicated GPU directly to the display to improve in-game FPS by a healthy margin. Speaking of which, the laptop gets a 16-inch, 16:10 display that refreshes at 165Hz.
More notably, the panel covers 100 percent of the sRGB color space, so you can use the laptop to edit photos and videos too. 
MSI is a household name in the PC industry and the company’s laptops seldom leave gamers wanting for more. Take the MSI Stealth 15, for instance, which is backed by Intel’s Core i7-13620H CPU. The processor in question features 10 cores, including six P-cores and four E-cores. 
Although the cluster offers lesser cores than what you’d get with the Core i7-13650HX-backed ROG Strix G16, the 13620H’s P-cores can turbo up to 4.9GHz as well. Moving on, the laptop makes use of an RTX 4060 GPU with a 90W TGP for graphically demanding workloads.
The machine also benefits from a MUX switch, which should improve your in-game FPS by some margin. Add to that Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0 tech and you will be able to play most, if not all resource-hungry games at competent graphics and FPS settings.

It goes without saying that the laptop will generate a lot of heat when it’s running AAA games. Thankfully, the company has furnished the device with heat pipes that dissipate heat from both, the CPU as well as the GPU.
You’ll also get a bevy of connectors with the laptop, including a handful of USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C and Type-A ports, an HDMI slot, and an RJ45 Ethernet connector. Pool everything together and the MSI Stealth 15 makes for a great gaming notebook. 
Lenovo recently took to the stage to announce a new gaming brand. Dubbed Lenovo LOQ, the brand will cater to budget-conscious buyers and will sit below the company’s flagship Legion lineup. Be that as it may, the newer range of notebooks is backed by impressive specs. For instance, the model we’ve shortlisted gets Intel’s Core i7-13700H processor.
For those unaware, the CPU features 14 cores, including six P-cores and eight E-cores. Although the core distribution draws a parallel to the Core i7-13650HX chipset, the 13700H’s P-cores can turbo higher at 5GHz. What’s more, the laptop also gets a beefy RTX 4060 GPU with a TGP of 115W. Needless to say, the laptop can hold its own against demanding games. In fact, per Jarrod’sTech’s review, the device overturned well over 80 FPS in Control and Red Dead Redemption 2 at high settings. 
The icing on the cake is that the laptop comes with 32GB of DDR5 memory. What’s more, it even gets a responsive display that refreshes at 144Hz. So, if you like to play games of the FPS variety, the likes of which include Valorant or Apex Legends, then you’ll find plenty to like here.
All said and done, Lenovo is seemingly on the right track with its LOQ range of gaming notebooks. Do note that the laptop is fairly new and as such, it doesn’t have a lot of user reviews. However, buyers who’ve opted for the 64GB RAM SKU have left positive reviews for the product.
Acer is no stranger to high-end gaming machines and the company’s new-and-improved Predator Helios 16 is a testament to the same. Now, the laptop costs a smidge over $1,500. Having said that, it does bring a lot of enticing features to the table. For one, the laptop is backed by the fastest processor on the list, namely the Core i7-13700HX CPU. 
The processor is a souped-up version of the 13700H chipset prefaced above. Notably, the HX variant gets two additional P-cores, thereby increasing the total tally to 16 cores (eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores). More importantly, the chipset can deploy 24 threads for CPU-bound applications and offers a boost frequency of 5GHz. Add to that, the device features a beefy RTX 4060 GPU with a 140W TGP. 
It goes without saying then, that the laptop will run any game you throw at it with ease. What’s more, the device gets a sharper, 2K display that refreshes at 165Hz too. So, you can drop down the resolution to make the most of the quick refresh rate in eSports titles or revel in superior fidelity by running a story-driven game at 2K resolution.
More to the point, the laptop comes with a per-key RGB keyboard deck, so you can customize the layout to your liking. 
Clearly, the market is chockablock with impressive gaming notebooks. We’ve cut through the noise and listed our recommendations for the best RTX 4060 gaming laptops for your perusal. From where we stand, the ROG Strix G16 and the Predator Helios 16 offer excellent bang for the buck. That said, casual gamers will find GIGABYTE’s offering to their liking too. Do let us know which laptop you added to your cart in the comments below. 
Last updated on 15 June, 2023
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