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Forget foldable phones, Apple’s all about those foldable laptops it seems.
While the world seems to have turned its attention toward the foldable phone, Apple is yet to get involved. But while the iPhone 15 won't bend, that doesn't mean that Apple isn't working on foldable technology. And according to a new report, it's already well on the way to making something much more interesting than a foldable iPhone.
If that report is accurate, Apple has its sights set on launching a foldable laptop and it could be ready to announce something as soon as 2025.
That report comes via BusinessKorea, a publication that cites unnamed sources when saying that a foldable MacBook of some sort could go on sale in 2026 after an initial unveiling at some point in 2025. That staggered launch wouldn't be a new one for Apple of course – the company announced the Apple Watch months before it went on sale and recently previewed the Vision Pro headset as much as a year before it will go on sale.
The BusinessKorea report says that Samsung Display and LG Display could be the beneficiaries of Apple's move into the foldable laptop market. "Samsung Display has decided to invest 4.1 trillion won (US$3.1 billion) to produce 8.6-generation OLED panels from 2025 to 2026," the report notes. "LG Display is also investing in medium-sized OLED panels, including those for tablet PCs."
It's easy to see why they might want to get in on Apple's gravy train, too. As the report notes, profits on larger foldable displays are bigger than those on smaller ones which makes a foldable laptop a better option for the bean counters. Samsung already owns trademarks for foldable laptop technology, too.
Foldable laptops already exist of course, so Apple wouldn't be the first to that particular market. The Asus ZenBook 17 Fold already exists, but that's unlikely to put Apple off. It's rarely the first to enter any kind of market but instead prefers to let others make mistakes and then build on them for its own product. Whether that's the method it follows with foldable laptops remains to be seen, but we've heard rumors of such a product before. And with a foldable iPhone seemingly still years away a foldable laptop might be just around the corner. Relatively speaking, at least.
As for foldable phones, there are still plenty to come even if Apple isn't interested in getting involved. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are likely to be announced within weeks, for example.
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