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Asus is keeping the flame alive – otherwise starved for options, compact phone lovers are getting another installment in the Zenfone lineup. The Zenfone 10 brings minimal physical changes to what was already a well-received design, while a mandatory annual chipset upgrade and a few subtle touches on the inside help the 10 keep up with the times.

A lot like on the outside, the changes within might be hard to spot. The bump in refresh rate from 120Hz to 144Hz is only there for you in gaming, and even then, it’s hardly a game-changing development. Alongside the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, you also get faster memory than last generation, and the top-spec Zenfone 10 now comes with 16GB or RAM and 512GB of storage (up from 256GB on the 9).
A more tangible change, and one we wouldn’t call positive, is the ultrawide camera’s lack of autofocus – the Zenfone 9’s ultrawide did have that capability, while this new one doesn’t. Also gone is the AF support on the selfie camera, a 32MP unit replacing the 12MP one of the old model. With that in mind, the fact that the primary camera remains the same sounds like a positive. Okay, not quite the same – the gimbal stabilization has been improved for this generation, Asus says.
In this context of small upgrades and sidesteps/downgrades, there’s still one major addition to this year’s specsheet – it now has wireless charging. This seems like the primary culprit for the 3g increase in weight and the 0.3mm of added thickness, but it’s not like the Zenfone has become a chonker for it, so the development is most welcome.
The Zenfone 10 doesn’t change much in the presentation compared to last year’s model – it’s the same full-size box, albeit in a different gray hue and with this year’s signature triangle-style logos.
Inside the box, you’ll get the usual Asus 30W adapter that Zenfones have had since the 7, and a USB-C cable to go with it. Also included is a snap-on protective case that does make the handset take up notably more pocket space, but offers what appears to be a lot of protection.
Is it a deal breaker? Most people change phones every two years anyways… You might be different and I respect that.
Only 2 Android updates?? For all major company mobiles providing 3 years support.
So this Side Key still can't be used for scrolling when reading text or browsing?
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