R2-D2's Latest Gadget Confirms He's Basically Unkillable – Screen Rant

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As Star Wars’ Dark Droids event approaches, R2-D2 is going full badass, showing that whatever the situation, he has the gadget to come out ahead.
Fan-favorite Star Wars droid R2-D2 just proved that even being marooned in space can't finish him off. Ever since R2-D2 first appeared on the big screen in 1977, fans have watched him seek out danger. The little droid's bravery in carrying out countless missions is presented in contrast to the cautious nature of his companion C-3PO. However, no matter what, R2 always comes out on top and avoids being destroyed. Whether crash-landing, coming under fire from an enemy armada, being eaten by a mysterious swamp monster on Dagobah or being tossed around on General Grievous' ship, R2-D2 somehow finds a way to survive – however, he just proved that's down to skill, not luck.
In a preview of Marc Guggenheim, Salva Espín and David Messina's upcoming limited series Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad, shared by StarWars.com, R2-D2 is shown adrift in space with no ship in sight. Left with no other option, the clever droid whips out a small device from his Swiss Army deposit. It's seemingly the fire extinguisher R2-D2 has used to put out flames in the past, but here it acts as a propulsion system, allowing him to fly off in search of aid.
The upcoming Dark Droids event will see a new threat called the Scourge sweep the galaxy, infecting droids and forcing them to carry out its will. An army of droids is forming that is a threat to all biological life, as the Scourge enslaves droids including R2-D2's companion C-3PO. To fight back, R2-D2 is bringing back the D-Squad, leading a ragtag group on a mission to undermine the Scourge. In doing so – and in surviving such an impossible situation – R2-D2 proves that while he may look like a comedy sidekick, he's actually closer to a droid Batman. Check out the rest of the issue's preview, below:
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The ease with which R2-D2 survives in space shows that he's not just lucky – he's Star Wars' Batman, with a utility belt full of unbeatable gadgets. R2-D2 can launch oil, fire lightsabers from his body, deploy a buzz saw, attack with an electro-shock prod, project holograms, hack or fix pretty much any system, and – during the prequel trilogy – fly using rocket boosters. While a few instances of unlikely survival could be put down to luck, it's clear at this point that R2-D2 survives because he's ready for any situation. Combined with the confirmed fan theory that R2-D2 is constantly cursing, this turns Star Wars' cute droid sidekick into a rough-and-ready adventurer who's essentially impossible to kill.
However, as the rest of the Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad preview confirms, R2 will need these qualities very soon. As the Scourge crawls across the galaxy, R2-D2's D-Squad will be in the middle of the conflict, fighting for their friends and allies, including C-3PO. R2-D2 may be the Han Solo of the droid world, but in Star Wars' upcoming Dark Droids event, even that might not be enough.
Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad #1 is coming from Marvel August 2023.
Source: StarWars.com


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