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22 Words
22 Words
I know, I know, your kids just came home for summer break like two hours ago but you’re already chomping at the bit for them to go back. I mean, when you’ve cleaned up six messes, battled three rounds of tears and been asked if Brayden can come over no less than a dozen times by 8 a.m., it’s not hard to see why. (If your child is an angelic creature who you can’t bear to be away from for longer than 10 minutes, this list is still for you.)
Summer breaks today aren’t like summer breaks of the past. We used to be finished by Memorial Day and not go back until after Labor Day. What that means is that you better get a move on when it comes to snagging the coolest back-to-school gear. I’ve rustled up backpacks for all tastes and sizes, pencil pouches, lunch solutions and some of the best organizing files, flags and sticky notes available anywhere. So, whether you’re speeding toward the new school year or dragging your heels, you can at least have fun shopping for it.
You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).
In a land filled with ordinary backpacks, the Champion top-load backpack swoops in to save the day. With its adjustable double clip closure, one might say it’s the ultimate back-hugger. Peek inside, and you’ll find a snazzy front zip pocket hiding an undercover internal organizer. A chenille logo patch ensures everyone will know exactly how cool you really are.
Immerse yourself in an “audio oasis” created by these Soundcore by Anker Life headphones. Equipped with custom silk-diaphragm drivers, these headphones orchestrate music with precision, covering a wider frequency range while eliminating distortion. LDAC technology conducts a symphony of data, delivering three times more than standard Bluetooth, ensuring every musical detail dances into your ears. It’s like having your own personal DJ.
With a size big enough to fit a small family of pens, this upgraded storage pouch is a game-changer. Its spacious interior boasts room for up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, while the mesh bag handles smaller stationery like a boss. Fold it up for easy transport or expand it to accommodate even more writing instruments. All this, wrapped in durable, top-notch canvas.
Step into a world of whimsy with this set of 35 colorful striped magic bendy pencils. Crafted from eco-friendly rubber, these pencils won’t let you down. No more shattered tips and crumb-filled disasters. These soft, foldable pencils are perfect for writing or unleashing your creativity through crafts. Some reviewers call them great sensory fidget toys, which I’m a big fan of.

Lunchtime can be chaos but this product is a perfect (and adorable) solution. This bento box is a leak-proof marvel, featuring separate compartments to prevent sauce disasters. But that’s not all. This kid-friendly contraption boasts latches that even small hands can conquer. Made from high-quality, safe materials, it’s microwave and dishwasher friendly, ensuring a hassle-free mealtime experience. Choose from purple, pink, green or blue. You might even want one for yourself!

Feast your eyes on this cute and clever companion. Crafted with high-quality canvas and a polyester lining that’s tougher than a kangaroo on leg day, this striped backpack means business. Its stitching is sturdier than a bodybuilder’s biceps, ensuring no loose threads or sloppy seams. With a whopping eight pockets, including a secret laptop lair and a phone-charging USB port, this multi-functional marvel is the ultimate sidekick for school, travel and beyond.
Calling all school and office warriors: Prepare for an epic battle against unruly paperwork with the help of this versatile clip set. From teachers to teens, they’ve got you covered with their easy storage and multi-purpose abilities. They’re rustproof, durable and ready to conquer any paper-based chaos. Join their ranks and witness the revolution of neat and efficient work. It’s a total avoca-DO.
File this one away under “TikTok Made Me Do It”: This top-selling flippable friend is the softest thing you’ll ever touch and the superstar of the plushie world. But it’s not just about cuddles – this plushie is an emotional support toy (that’s a thing, right?). Feeling stressed? Let it spill the beans on your behalf. Need some work-from-home peace? Its expressive flips will keep the unwanted at bay.
BIC is the OG and their Brite Liner Highlighters will brighten your world in a rainbow of colors. This dependable bulk pack is armed with chisel tips for precise highlighting or fancy underlining. Their translucent ink illuminates the important stuff without hiding the text. Get ready for a marathon because these highlighters write for a mind-blowing eight hours without drying out.
Calling all math enthusiasts, er, those who have to take math to graduate! Get ready to meet the scientific calculator that’ll get you through the toughest math equations. This powerhouse is as robust as a bodybuilder and as professional as a penguin in a suit. With its two-line display, you can witness your entry and calculated result simultaneously, because multitasking is its middle name. It tackles statistical calculations, angle modes and even scientific and engineering Falsetation (yes, you read that right) modes.
This backpack is more than just a bag — it’s a charging station on the go. With its built-in USB charger port and charging cable, you can charge your phone while strutting your stuff. Safety is a top priority too, with a hidden anti-theft pocket to keep your valuables secure. It’s even equipped with a luggage strap, turning it into the perfect travel companion. With numerous pockets and compartments, including a dedicated space for your laptop, this one’s a must-have.
There’s a fabulous folder extravaganza happening on Amazon and you’re invited. These fancy folders will add a splash of personality to your organizational game. With 10 eye-catching colors, they’re suitable for everyone, are waterproof and made of tear-resistant material. Equipped with secure button closures and handy tabs, these folders will keep your documents organized and easily accessible. Buy them for your kid but maybe still a few for yourself.
Hold onto your straws, folks, because things are about to get wild. These silicone straw covers are the ultimate party animals. Made from food-grade silicone, they’re as durable as a superhero’s cape and as reusable as a “no more plastic” advocate. With a suitable size to fit all straws, they bring a satisfying experience to your sipping adventures. Choose from a variety of themes including nurses, desserts and — my favorite — bubble tea.
Prepare to unleash your inner Picasso with the Apple Pencil. This magical tool takes your creativity to a whole new level. With pixel-perfect precision, it becomes your paintbrush or pencil, transforming your iPad into a vibrant canvas. It’s compatible with a range of iPad models, making it the perfect companion for all your artistic endeavors. With pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality, you can create beautiful masterpieces (or homework assignments) with ease.
Kids today will never know the struggle of having to walk across a classroom to sharpen a pencil. This three-pack of sharpeners is the epitome of pencil-sharpening wizardry (right in your seat). With premium ratchet technology, it’s faster and comfier than any other sharpener out there. It comes with attached dispenser drawers, ensuring you never lose the shaving door piece while making clean-ups a breeze.
I love all types of markers but especially felt tip ones and with this set of 12 vibrant colors, you’ll have more options than a kid in a candy store. The high-pigment, smear-resistant, water-based ink will make your art pop like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re fixing mistakes or color coding notes (because organization is key, people!), these markers get the job done.
Okay, parents, listen up! I’ve got the ultimate life skills guide to turn your little ones into masters of the real world (well, kind of). This book covers everything from cooking basics to handling emergencies, so your kids will be prepared for anything life throws at them (hopefully not literal things). With cute illustrations to guide them along, they’ll learn essential skills like decision-making, money management, and even calling 911 without freaking out.
Brace yourselves for the back-to-school start pack — a survival kit for the academic battleground. With 60 pieces of sheer awesomeness, this kit has got you covered from grades K to 6 (and maybe beyond, who knows?). From a wide-rule composition book to premium yellow pencils, colored pencils, and washable markers that you’ll probably use to draw on your desk (I won’t tell), this kit has it all.
These are the stickiest notes in town! These perfectly sized sticky notes contain a whopping 82 sheets each, ensuring you’ll have more sticky power than a toddler with a lollipop. Strong adhesive ensures they’ll stick to any smooth surface, while the residue-free removal keeps your surroundings pristine. And let’s not forget the colorful variety pack that’ll make your messages pop like you’re a majestic unicorn.
Get ready to “rawr” with the coolest dinosaur pencil box in town. With enough space to stash all your pens, pencils, and erasers (because I know you’ll have a million of them), this pencil case is the ultimate organizer. Equipped with a calculator and pencil sharpener, it’s like a Swiss Army knife for school supplies. The divisional design keeps your items tidy and safe, and is honestly too awesome for school.
With six sets of sticky tabs containing a whopping 1,200 pieces, you’ll have enough sticky power to mark everything from A to Z (and maybe even some numbers in between). These tabs are smooth, waterproof, and odor-free, and have a transparent design that ensures that no information goes unnoticed. Plus, they’re removable and writable, so you can stick, mark, and reposition to your heart’s content.
If. you have almost-teenagers in your house, first let me say, “I’m sorry.” Second, let me offer The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide — here to save the day (or at least help you survive it). From navigating the treacherous waters of friendships to tackling the mysterious realm of puberty, this book covers it all. She’ll better understand the importance of staying active and handling those oh-so-fun fights and disagreements with friends, among other topics.
Crocs divide the world like few other topics. But, you can’t argue with their comfortability or versatility with a color and style to match any personality (and maybe even mood swings). Strut your stuff without feeling like you’re carrying a ton of bricks on your feet. With ventilation ports to keep things fresh and water-shedding capabilities for those impromptu rain dances, these clogs are ready for anything.
Feast your eyes on this travel laptop backpack that’s as organized as your perfectly curated Instagram feed. With its spacious packing compartment, you can fit all your tech gadgets, daily necessities and books. The durable zipper ensures smooth use, making sure your lunch bags stay intact. Speaking of lunch, this backpack has an insulated and leakproof cooler function to keep your food warm and your drinks cool for hours.
Want to charge your iPhone at lightning speed? This snazzy portable charger delivers. With its built-in Lightning cable, it delivers a whopping 12 watts of power, giving your iPhone a boost from 20% to 60% in just 30 minutes. And if that’s not enough, it supports fast recharging, so you can recharge the charger itself in a mere 90 minutes.
If you’re after a portable sidekick that’s as slim as your patience with slow laptops, look no further. Look no further than this efficient little machine. Powered by an Intel Celeron Processor, it’s got enough speed to handle your everyday tasks (and maybe even make you feel like a tech genius). The 11.6″ HD display is perfect for binge-watching cat videos during study breaks, and the HD webcam ensures you look picture-perfect during online classes (or for those impromptu selfies).
Looking to upgrade their lunch game? These metal lunch containers are here to save the day. Crafted from premium stainless steel and food-grade silicone, they’re a total game changer for on-the-go meals. With convenient sizes to choose from and easy-to-use silicone lids, they’re perfect for adults, toddlers, and even leftovers. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic and hello to durable, reusable, and stylish lunch containers.
Five Star has you covered with this durable notebook that will last you all year long. With the Five Star App, you can even scan, study, and organize your notes effortlessly. The movable dividers allow for easy customization, and the expanding pockets keep your handouts neatly stored. Tear out sheets without a hassle thanks to the perforated design. Plus, the Spiral Guard and pen loop add extra convenience.
Tired of flimsy lunch bags that barely survive a week? Turn your attention to this cute reusable lunch bag. Made of tough polyester with sturdy zippers, this bag can handle whatever you throw at it. With its travel-friendly design and convenient pockets, this lunch bag is a must-have for both kids and busy parents on the go. The patterns here are just too cute — space, dinosaurs, doughnuts and more.
Looking to spice up your note-taking game? These hardcover spiral notebooks are where it’s at. With their ruled paper and durable construction, they’re ready to withstand all your brilliant ideas and doodles. And, let’s not forget that trendy cactus design – it’s like having a desert oasis in your hands (without all that oppressive heat, of course). They’ll have you looking sharp. (Get it? Sharp? I’ll see myself out.)
Prepare to be astounded by this microwave ramen bowl — a culinary marvel with a handle so thick and durable, you could probably use it to lift weights. The vented hole on the cover opens and closes effortlessly, thanks to some fancy silicone gasket technology. And the steam release? It’s practically a magician’s trick, ensuring your fingers won’t be caught off guard when you open the lid. The set includes a lunch bag that’s so versatile and well-crafted, you’ll feel like a trendsetter carrying it to any occasion.
Prepare to have your book-loving mind blown with this colorful book cover set. Not only does it come with a dazzling array of seven different colors and a label sticker, but it’s also a book protection mastermind. Say goodbye to scratched and battered books. And, if you think that’s mpressive, hold onto your bookmarks because each cover even comes with a handy ribbon bookmark, ensuring you’ll never lose your page again.
You’ll need sunglasses for the neon glory of this sticky note set. With a whopping 410 pieces, you’ll never run out of ways to clutter your planner, journal or textbook. The set includes ruled, dotted, and blank notes, all made from thick paper that could double as a weapon in a paper fight. They even come in a beautiful notebook cover, because even your sticky notes deserve to travel in style.
Say “buh-bye” to wasteful paper and disposable plastic, because these reusable bags can be washed and reused, saving both the environment and your wallet. With a dual-layer design, they’re as safe as a fortress. Made from non-toxic, PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free materials, these bags keep your food fresh while ensuring your health remains intact. Cleaning them is a breeze too—just wipe, rinse, or toss them in the dishwasher.
Cuteness overload! These back-to-school bracelets say, “Mama bear’s got your back,” ensuring your precious cubs feel protected and loved. These bracelets will serve as a constant reminder of strength, soothing those separation anxieties like a magical talisman. Perfect for your daughter or son’s first day of school, these bracelets come in a beautifully packaged velvet bag, accompanied by a message card that’s sure to warm hearts.
These darling little love notes are perfect for kids of all ages, from the tiny terrors in daycare to the moody teens in high school. Share your love and personalized notes, because nothing says “I care” like a paper reminder shoved in a lunch box. (I kid, I kid.) With 100 cards for just $7, you’ll have a whole year’s worth of awkward jokes and embarrassing puns to make your kid’s day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and maybe even makes them smile.
Unleash the magic of Unicorn Fields with this kids’ backpack. Designed for ages four and up, it’s more spacious than a toddler’s imagination. It’s school-ready with a padded tablet sleeve and enough pockets to stash everything from forgotten homework to secret snacks. And fear not, parents, this backpack is built to withstand the chaos of childhood. There’s more than just unicorns to choose from, including a slew of Disney characters.
Crayons are a back-to-school essential and Honeysticks beeswax crayons are a truly unique option. Handmade from pure New Zealand beeswax, they’re so durable, preschoolers have tried to break them with no luck. Plus, they have a delightful honey scent that will make your art experience buzz-worthy. With twelve exciting colors, your little artists will be on cloud nine, creating masterpieces that easily bond to any paper, poster or artboard.
Help them put their best foot forward with these chic Under Armour kicks. Their rubber sole is like a trusty sidekick, offering support through every stride. The lightweight mesh upper with a three-color digital print ensures breathability that’s cooler than an ice cream truck on a summer day. With durable leather overlays for stability, their tiny feet will feel as secure as a bank vault. Choose from nearly two dozen color combos.


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