Flood alert: Tips to keep your smartphones and other gadgets safe and what to do if they get wet – Gadgets Now

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Gadgets Now Bureau11 Jul, 2023, 04:03PM IST
Most smartphones, laptops and other gadgets are not waterproof. It’s a good idea to get a transparent waterproof pouch and keep the smartphone and other devices in that to protect them from water damage.

Silica gel is a good absorbent of moisture. Keeping it in the pocket or bag will ensure that the water or moisture around the gadgets is absorbed properly, in case they get wet and end up protecting them from getting damaged.

Most modern TWS earbuds come with some sort of IP rating. However, not all IP ratings are good enough to protect them from getting water damage. If your buds have an IP67 or IP68 rating, then, you can use them, but for a limited time. For all the other ratings, avoid using them during rain.

Most modern smartwatches claim that users can go swimming with them. So ideally, it should survive in flood like situations. Well, not actually. Smartwatches do have relatively better IP rating and some offer water damage protection up to 5ATM, but again this does not make them completely ‘waterproof’.

Powerbanks usually don’t have any water and dust resistant rating. Using it when wet can damage the charging system of the phone and also damage the power bank completely.

Change your phone’s lock to an easy pattern or PIN. As this means that you will not be using your wet hands too much on the phone.

Turning the device off is the first thing you should do. This may go a long way in saving its life. It may prevent short-circuit that may happen due to water or moisture entering into the phone’s body. Also, if the phone is off, don’t try to turn it on while it is wet.

Another thing to do instantly is to remove any external accessories like cover, screen protector (if required) to release any water droplet trapped in it. This will prevent water from entering into the phone’s body and cause long-term damage.

Hair dryers can damage the phone’s internals as the temperature of the air is a little too high for the phone. In fact, it can loosen up the water sealant of the phone and let water and moisture enter the device and damage it.

Uncooked rice is great absorbent of moisture and water droplets. Keep the phone overnight to let the phone dry internally as well as externally before turning it on.


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