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Peter 12 July 2023
Samsung Android Rumors
The Samsung Unpacked for the next-gen Galaxy foldables is still a couple of weeks out, but there has been no shortage of leaks. Even Samsung is impatient and is now taking in early reservations. We have previously summarized the leaks for the Galaxy Z Flip5 and for the Galaxy Z Fold5 if you need a refresher. One thing that has mostly remained a mystery was the pricing.
Now French publication Dealabs has shared a leak on the local pricing of the two foldables. Starting with the Galaxy Z Flip5, there’s no mention of a 128GB model – either that detail didn’t leak or Samsung will move the base up to 256GB. As for the 256GB model, it is facing a modest price hike of €30 and will cost €1,200, the 512GB one will be €50 more. This is not nearly as bad as the earlier leak, which priced the 128GB model at €1,300.
The flip will be available in four colors: Graphite , Cream , Lavender and Water Green. There should be a few more, the company typically reserves a few exclusive hues for Samsung.com. The Z Flip5 will likely be part of the of the Bespoke program too.
Moving on to the Galaxy Z Fold5, this one will be hit by a more serious increase in price. The base model with 256GB storage will go up by €100, the 512GB and 1TB models by €120.
This means that locals will have to pay €1,900 at the low end. Well, not really – Samsung’s launch deals and trade-in offers will bring the effective price down. Still, if you were hoping that foldable tech will be getting cheaper, that isn’t happening this generation.
The Z Fold5 will be available in three colors, Black , Cream and Blue, plus the as yet unknown Samsung.com exclusives.
Note that these prices are for France, other European countries will see slightly different price tags due to differences VAT. Here are the launch prices for the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 prices for the US and the UK, and their prices for India.
A quick calculation based on those old prices and the relative increase of the new prices, the Galaxy Z Flip5 (256GB) should be $1,025/£1,025/₹97,500, the Galaxy Z Fold5 (256GB) should be $1,900/£1,740/₹164,000 in those regions.
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