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Whether it’s work, homework or coding on the go, get a huge $450 off this HP Envy 17 inch laptop.
Looking for a laptop to take your work on the go? This HP Envy 17″ laptop has enough power to handle virtually any work or code-related task. and it’s currently $450 off.
The 13″ version of this laptop made our best laptops for students guide, and this 17″ model promises to be deliver power, portability and compatibility.  The larger screen also means it’s a better laptop for coding on too.
The bigger 17.3″ screen means it’s equally suitable for using at home, without the need to squint or plug in a monitor. And at this price, $450 off, it can give its Mac-based competition a real run for their money.
Plus, sporting one of the latest Intel i7 chips ( the Intel Core™ i7-1260P) it’s unlikely to be out of date any time soon.  Right now you can grab the HP Envy 17.3″ for $799.99, down from $1249.99. At 40% off, it’s a real bargain. 
Editor’s note: HP have decided $500 off was too good, so the deal is down to $450 off – still a bargain, but we’re guessing it’s been very popular.
HP Envy 17.3″ Laptop
$799 at HP
This 17.3″ laptop is powerful, portable and has a high-enough spec that it’s suited to all manner of tasks, coding included. 
Key features: Intel Core i7-1260P, 17.3″ Touchscreen, 16 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD, approx. 8 – 14 hours battery life.
Product launched: May 2022
Price history: It was slightly cheaper earlier today, at $749. This was the lowest price we’ve seen this laptop at, though this particular model has it’s only been out for about a year. HP has revised the deal to $799, which is still a fantastic offer. 
Reviews consensus:  In our best laptops for students guide, we said, of the HP Envy 13, “The comfortable and quiet keyboard is ideal for the library or lecture theatre, and the 1080p touchscreen is versatile, bright, and bold.” We did remark that the build quality could be better but that was referring to the 13 inch version.
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Buy it if: You want a powerful laptop capable of handling a wealth of tasks, one that won’t be out of date any time soon. 
Don’t buy it if: If you’ve got your heart set on Apple Mac or need to run Apple Mac applications. 
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