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QNAP QTS 5 NAS operating system
QNAP has this week announced the availability of its new QTS 5.1.0 NAS operating system bringing with it a wealth of new features and major enhancements for storage applications, services, and management to address IT challenges says QNAP.
“Our focus in QTS 5.1.0 was optimizing performance and cloud management, with an aim to help organizations resolve performance bottlenecks and also maximize operational efficiency from cloud management toolsets,” said Tim Lin, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “we also want to acknowledge the valuable feedback submitted by our amazing QTS 5.1.0 beta testers, as it helped us put the finishing touches to this official release”
One of the most remarkable features is the upgraded File Station. QNAP has given the user interface a makeover, making it easier for users to locate recently uploaded, accessed, and deleted files. Moreover, the new system utilizes Qsirch, a powerful full-text search engine that drastically enhances search and sorting capabilities.
Increased Network Efficiency with SMB Multichannel
Are you regularly dealing with large file and multimedia transfers? You will be pleased to know that the SMB multichannel feature aggregates multiple network connections, thereby maximizing available bandwidth and achieving higher transfer speeds. It also offers an added layer of protection by preventing network service interruption, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.
Advanced Security and Performance with AES-128-GMAC
In the security domain, QTS 5.1.0 supports AES-128-GMAC signing acceleration for SMB 3.1.1 – a feature specifically available in Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 clients. This feature not only bolsters data signing efficiency but also optimizes the CPU utilization of the NAS system. Consequently, it provides an optimal balance of security and performance.

Passwordless Login via QNAP Authenticator
The QNAP Authenticator mobile app further bolsters security. It allows setting up a two-step login process to NAS accounts, using time-based one-time passwords, QR code scanning, and login approval. In an added nod to convenience, it even supports passwordless login.
Effective Administration through Role Delegation
Administrators managing the NAS system can delegate eight types of roles to other users, each with specific permissions for management tasks and NAS data. This feature could be a game-changer for growing organizations, allowing them to distribute management tasks without compromising on data access controls.
Improved System Reliability with Automatic RAID Disk Replacement
Another notable feature is automatic RAID disk replacement. Upon detecting potential disk errors, the system shifts the data from the affected disk to a spare one, before complete data corruption occurs. This strategy bypasses the need and associated risks of RAID rebuilding, thus significantly improving system reliability.
State-of-the-Art Drive Health Analysis and Failure Prediction
QNAP has also introduced more HDD/SSD health check tools, such as S.M.A.R.T., Western Digital Device Analytics, IronWolf Health Management, and ULINK DA Drive Analyzer. Specifically, the ULINK DA Drive Analyzer employs cloud-based AI to predict drive failure. Its new user interface enables users to clearly view drive information, life prediction scores, and drive data upload logs.

Manage Multiple NAS Devices with AMIZ Cloud
If you’re juggling multiple NAS devices, AMIZ Cloud can help. This centralized cloud management platform allows remote monitoring of QNAP NAS resources, system status, and even facilitates firmware updates. It also enables batch installation and updates of apps. For organizations with numerous sites or branches, this tool streamlines the management of multiple devices from one location.
AI Boosted Surveillance with Hailo-8 M.2 AI Module
Lastly, QNAP offers the possibility of boosting smart surveillance by adding a Hailo-8 M.2 AI acceleration module to a QNAP surveillance server. This enhances the number of IP cameras available for simultaneous analysis using QVR Face facial recognition and QVR Human people counting.
To conclude, QNAP’s QTS 5.1.0 NAS operating system brings a unique blend of enhanced performance, security, and convenience. Whether you’re an organization grappling with growing data needs or a user seeking advanced file management and network efficiency, QTS 5.1.0 is worth considering.
To learn more about the latest QNAP QTS 5.1.0 NAS operating system jump over to the official company website.
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