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22 Words
22 Words
“Fresh out of the oven!” These words are music to any deal-seeker’s ears. Hunting for the latest, greatest, and most delectably discounted kitchen gadgets on Amazon is like a thrilling treasure hunt. Not explored the gadget-filled goldmine during the early Amazon Prime Day sale? Get your shopping game on, my friend!
Our handpicked list spotlights newly arrived culinary contraptions: coffee bar transformers, nifty pasta-doohickeys, and quirky organizers for everything from fizzy pop to spice pots. But these limited-stock treasures vanish faster than hotcakes on a Sunday morning. Insider scoop: Sniff out the bonus coupons on many items to bag some extra savings.
Dive in, the early Amazon Prime Day kitchen gadget deals are simmering and ready for you to devour. Happy bargain hunting!
You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).
Are you still cleaning your house with a — gasp — rag? It’s time to upgrade your routine with this spin scrubber that is both rechargeable and cordless. This set includes the brush, four brush heads that tackle a variety of cleaning challenges, and a cord to recharge things when you’re finished. You’ll love this so much you’ll wonder why it took you so long to buy it.
We all have counter space; some of us have a lot, and others operate in a micro-kitchen. Either way, you can expand your available surface area with this three-tier corner shelf organizer. It triples your space, giving you more room for spices, bathroom essentials or even coffee bar goodies. These come in six different colors to match your decor, wherever you have a mind to place it.
The best storage spaces are the ones where there was no storage before, which definitely includes that little ledge at the top of your stove. This magnetic stovetop shelf lets you put spices, oils and other cooking essentials right at your fingertips without gobbling up valuable kitchen real estate. It requires no installation other than to stick it and go.
Reaching for your own toothpick is so 2004. All the cool kids have automatic toothpick dispensers that hold upward of 80 toothpicks total while popping up a single toothpick for your use. The exterior of the container is quite elegant, coming in a multitude of colors ranging from the green pictured to a vibrant red. You’ll even get a pack of toothpicks to get you started.
I have colander struggles. They’re either too big or too small or too not good enough for the task at hand. This over-the-sink version might be the answer to my straining and draining prayers. It extends to span the shape of your sink and has a bowl that’s large enough to handle everything from rinsing to draining to drying. Choose from multiple colors, some of which are 10 percent off.
We all know there are different types of ice, namely “that good ice” versus regular ice. These tiny ice cube trays have several unique features including an incorporated tray that holds up to 200 cubes and an easy-release button that pops the cubes from their silicone trays with ease. Two trays let you create a lot of ice quickly. Try freezing cubes with fruit for water or creamer for coffee.
I’ve seen a lot of steam release gadgets over the years but none is as cute as this flower-shaped one. Simply pop it on the edge of your pot to help vent the lid and prevent boil-overs and stovetop messes. The blades of the flower rotate to help steam dissipate. This handy gadget is meant to work on any size pots and pans you may own.
When was the last time you had to pull out a massive cutting board to handle a simple task? These plastic cutting boards come in three sizes to tackle any kitchen task and are reversible for the ultimate in convenience. The handle makes them easy to grab and move around while the non-slip design and juice grooves offer features usually found only in more expensive purchases.
I grew up watching my mom and grandmother hand peel everything from potatoes to cucumbers and, once I became an adult, I never understood why. Peelers like this palm peeler make quicker work of cleaning up fruits and vegetables and cost next to nothing (seriously, it’s $6 for four peelers). It’s about to become your new favorite easy-peasy kitchen tool.
You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it — it’s that crud that collects around your kitchen faucet and it’s gross. This silicone faucet splash guard not only stops the crud but also gives you storage space for drying kitchen sponges and brushes and holding your dish soap and hand soap. You can even use these beyond the kitchen in bathrooms, laundry rooms and more.
I’m writing this list on Father’s Day so, of course, I’m thinking about dads when it comes to this mixology bartender kit. Whether you don’t know the first thing about mixing drinks or you’re a budding mixologist, this set has everything you need to hone your craft. All of the pieces — nine total — sit neatly in the bamboo storage rack.
You’re not officially an adult until you have a complete and matching set of mixing bowls. This particular option includes double-walled pieces with non-slip bases, corresponding lids and a nesting design that takes up virtually no space in your cabinets. The modern gray finish works well for any kitchen decor. Right now, this four-piece set is a whopping 53% off.
These bag storage organizers are my new favorite kitchen storage solutions because it keeps everything in one place and lets you toss those flimsy cardboard boxes. This particular unit has space for snack, sandwich, quart and gallon bags, and sits neatly inside a kitchen drawer for grab-and-go convenience. At the same link, you’ll also find a wrap organizer so you might as well go ahead and buy both.
Sure, you could buy a box of baking soda and put it in your refrigerator, only to forget the last time you swapped it out. Or, you could buy this ten-year refrigerator deodorizer that takes up virtually no space and doesn’t need to be replaced for a full decade. It’s more effective than either baking soda or activated carbon, and is durable enough to last whether you’re using it in the fridge or in your gym bag (it’s smelly, you know).
If you’re looking for the single easiest way to cook and drain pasta, look no further. This microwave pasta cooker is sheer genius — with no mess, sticking or waiting for a pot to boil. Plop your uncooked pasta in this device and it cooks perfectly al dente every time without any boiling over. You can even drain it with the handy lid. Just don’t tell your Italian grandmother.
If the idea of sweet tea in the summer doesn’t delight you, you should be spending more time in the South. But, even if tea isn’t your drink of choice, this glass pitcher with lid will satisfy a variety of drink favorites from lemonade to cold brew to homemade juices. This has a lid to keep things sealed, a generous 68-oz. capacity and a spout for precise pouring.
Under-sink storage is great but it can turn into a mess in a matter of minutes. This two-tier organizer is a great way to organize everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies with an L-shaped design that avoids sink pipelines and garbage disposals. Stash small bottles, sponges and more in the top and taller bottles and jars in the bottom. You’ll love it so much you’ll want one under every sink.
Salt and pepper are like the king and queen of the spice world. Give them a place of supremacy with these electric, rechargeable grinders. Equipped with a base (that doubles as a charging source), these deliver spices you can adjust the coarseness of to your liking. And, since they’re refillable, they’ll last you a good, long time. These are 20% at the time of writing.
Sometimes you have to get clever with storage, which means maximizing space literally everywhere. These magnetic spice racks would look lovely on the side of your refrigerator or even in the laundry room to stash detergent and dryer sheets. Hey, with a four-pack, you could probably even split then two and two, or you know, buy two sets since they’re 40 percent off.
Why do soda cans take up so much room? These hanging can dispensers — you guessed it — create more storage space where there previously wasn’t any by clipping on your existing refrigerator shelves. Each dispenser can accommodate five 12-oz. cans and, if you get tired of it hanging around, you can simply use it as a storage bin and safely hold up to an entire case.
Just like Paula Deen, I believe everything is better with copious amounts of butter. This magnetic butter keeper makes using and serving butter even simpler with curved ramps for serving, extended plastic feet to keep your counters clean and a knife that rests on the magnetic top always at the ready. Choose from U.S. and European designs, with the latter big enough for two sticks. More butter? Better.
There are a lot of really cute utensil rests out there but none is as functional as this silicone version that has four slots for four different gadgets. The extra-large base serves as a drip basin, too, keeping your stove or counter clean. Heat-resistant with a non-slip base, you can choose from nearly 30 different color options including the cheeriest “blend rainbow.”
I live in fear of stacking things in my cabinet. I can just imagine me now, asleep at 2 a.m., when my kitchen cabinets come to life and the things I stacked jumping from safety to a pile of broken glass in the floor. Dramatic much? Maybe, maybe not, but this mug organizer will alleviate some of that stress plus give you extra storage space.
You probably have a vacuum you love tolerate, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a good broom and dustpan combo for handling dust, daily upkeep and small messes. This set has an extendable pole design, heavy-duty bristles and self-cleaning dustpan teeth. Maybe the best part is that it can stand up on its own for storage. There are six colors to choose from.
Tumbler or water bottle addiction? I get it. There are just so many cute ones out there. I saved myself a ton of room by nabbing one of these water bottle organizers, safely tucked on the top shelf of my cup and mug cabinet. This one holds up to six bottles or tumblers and could be stacked to expand your storage even further. It’s a worthwhile investment and currently nearly 40% off.
What do you do with all of your baking pans, cupcake tins and cutting boards? They’re too large to stack and too small for deep cabinets. This wire organizer is similar to letter organizers for your desk except this one corrals your pans, tins and cutting boards. Use it vertically or horizontally for your space; with its non-slip feet, it’s not going anywhere.
If they didn’t want you to eat the entire bagel, it would come pre-cut, amirite? But, if you’re watching your carbs, this bagel slicer will come in handy, safely halving your bagel just right every time. This can also be used for other types of bread (glorious bread) like muffins and croissants. And, good news! You’ll get to keep all of your fingers.
If you’ve ever made homemade salsa, you’re in either one of two camps: #ThatWasEasy or #NeverAgain. If you’re prone to the latter, it’s probably because you don’t have one of these slicer-dicer-chopper gadgets. Equipped with up to 12 blades depending on which you choose, this tool makes quick work of prep work from julienning to grating. Right now, take $5 off your purchase with the code in the listing.
Are you the last person left without an air fryer? Let me extend you an invitation to the coolest club you’re not yet a part of. Air fryers are the workhorse of the kitchen, baking, frying, grilling and roasting with little to no oil. This little guy can handle everything from French fries to cake (not kidding). An advanced touchscreen menu makes it feel more expensive than its $60 price tag.
Because coffee is one of my all-time favorite things, it seems only fitting to end a list of cool kitchen gadgets with an even cooler espresso machine. This gadget takes coffee pods or ground beans, has a space-saving design and includes a built-in milk frother. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino or macchiato you’re craving, this multipurpose machine can do it all.


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