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The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is one of the finest Windows laptops money can buy, and with a huge discount applied, it’s more tempting than ever.
Save a whopping $720 on the 15-inch Surface Laptop 5 with fully maxed-out specifications including a 12th Gen i7, 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD.
The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is a seriously premium laptop, everything about it oozes quality, and it's one of my go-to recommendations whenever anyone is looking for a Windows machine. I've been using its predecessor, the Surface Laptop 4, for a couple of years now and while I'm not ready to upgrade just yet, when I do, you can bet that it will almost certainly be a Surface model yet again.
So, what's so good about it? Firstly, the build quality and aesthetics are top-notch, it often gets called the Windows equivalent of a MacBook Pro, and I think that's a fair comparison. The aluminium models are crafted with great precision, while the Alcantara-lined models offer some unique styling and a luxurious feel on your palms. It just feels great.
That excellent feel extends to the keyboard and trackpad, too. I'm not sure what it is about the Surface keyboard, but it just feels more natural for me to type on than the competing options. It's very easy to adapt to, and I found myself touch-typing at full speed within a matter of minutes. It's especially good on the all-aluminium models, as there's more rigidity to the chassis, but the slight flex of the Alcantara-surrounded keyboard isn't enough to put me off, either.
The speakers are outstanding on this laptop, some of the best that I've heard on a Windows laptop, and that's even more impressive considering how thin and lightweight it is. These speakers are paired with a display that performs excellently. In terms of specs, it's not the most impressive, topping out at 60Hz and using IPS technology, but in practice, it looks lovely and vibrant. The glass front helps deepen the blacks, and while it's not quite OLED-level contrast, we can't imagine any complaints from all but the most stringent of users. It's a touchscreen, and super responsive, too. This wasn't something I could imagine myself using much when I bought it, but it's now something that I miss dearly when testing non-touchscreen laptops.
The battery life is excellent, and should easily see you through a full workday. Then, when it's time to charge, you can either use the included proprietary Surface Connect adapter, or any 65W USB-C phone charger to juice it back up in just an hour and a half. It's not a well-advertised feature, but I love the fact that it can charge via USB-C, it means that if you forget your charger, or just don't feel like carrying it, then you still have a wealth of options for charging.
The Surface Laptop 5 adds Thunderbolt 4 connectivity for the first time, something that was strangely absent on previous models. This means that, while the Surface Laptop doesn't have the most expansive I/O, it's compatible with pretty much every hub and dock you can imagine. Plus, it has Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, so you can easily connect to wireless accessories and get the best network speeds.
The only thing that bugs me about my Laptop 4 is the limited storage capacity. That's on me, though, as I went for a cheaper model knowing full well it'd be a slight irritation. However, the model that's on offer today has a whopping 1TB SSD, so should be more than spacious enough for most users. It's also packing 32GB of RAM, so you can open endless Chrome tabs and apps without your laptop breaking a sweat. If you're looking for the best Windows laptop around, you need to check out the Surface Laptop 5.

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