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Peter 11 July 2023
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The Galaxy A-series straddles the line between premium and mid-range – the A54 and A34, for example, get the class-leading software support of 4 OS updates and 5 years of security patches. This is as good as the flagship S-series gets and better than any mid-ranger (including Pixels) not named “iPhone SE”.
With that in mind, the Samsung Galaxy A54 is a good deal in all three markets. Note that the British version has an extended 3-year warranty. Also, the version in the US has 6GB of RAM instead of 8GB.
The Samsung Galaxy A34 isn’t officially available in the US (though we’ve seen plenty of imports), but it is all over Europe. In the UK especially it is £100 less than the A54, so you have a tough choice ahead of you. The A34 is slightly larger display (6.6” vs. 6.4”), but its cameras aren’t as good – smaller main sensor, lower resolution ultra wide and selfie cameras. Check out our reviews for a more in-depth look.
Here’s a bit of a twist – in the UK the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is cheaper than the A54. It’s an early 2022 model, so it has already had one update, but that still leaves three more. This is the version with the Snapdragon 888, so you get higher performance, especially for gaming. Also, this phone has a proper telephoto lens – 76mm/3x in front on an 8MP sensor – while the A-phone relies on digital zoom. Also, the FE supports wireless charging. The phone is available in the US and Germany too, though the pricing in those markets is in favor of the A54.
We’ll quickly wrap up with a pair of cheap Galaxy A phones. Do you want 5G connectivity or not? If you answered yes, the Galaxy A14 5G is the one for you. If not, you can save some cash by getting the Galaxy A14. Besides the obvious difference, the 5G model has a more powerful chipset (Exynos 1330 vs. Helio G80) and 90Hz refresh rate for its 6.6” LCD, however, the 4G model has a 5MP ultra wide camera (vs. none).
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But this is how Amazon always does it: raise the prices the minutes before, then lower them, and say that it is a "sale". Ignore the word "sale" and compare prices from many stores. This way you know for sure if you get a go…
Compared to prices at these are very expensive to be honest.
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