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If you’re looking for value, you found it right here
The thing about big sales events like Amazon Prime Day is not just that you can get more expensive stuff for less. It’s that you can get already good value stuff for even less. And if you’re hunting for a budget gaming laptop it’s not only the Americans who get to have all the fun. This one’s for the Brits and it’s pretty mad. 
HP Victus 15 w/ HyperX headset and mouse: was £579 now £450 at Amazon
If you want a gaming laptop as cheaply as possible then you can’t beat this one. HP’s Victus 15 gives you a 6-core AMD Ryzen CPU, an RX 6500M GPU, 8GB of RAM, a 144 Hz display and a free HyperX mouse and headset for a price we simply haven’t seen before. Gaming laptops are never this affordable, so don’t miss out!
Pros: 6-core CPU, 144 Hz display, included headset and gaming mouse
Cons: Weaker GPU, 256GB SSD
Price check: Argos £579HP Victus gaming laptop bundleMake no mistake, buying a gaming laptop at this price point brings with it some compromises. You’re not going to be playing intensive titles like the upcoming Starfield at high frame rates on max settings. But if you’re looking for a budget gaming laptop you probably already know this. The AMD GPU in here is solid, though, so long as you keep your expectations in check. 
But the budget space has come a long way in recent years and even buying cheap doesn’t mean missing out on key features like a high refresh rate display. Here you’re getting a crispy 144 Hz, so on those competitive titles such as Valorant your gameplay is still going to be lightning fast. 
The one area that could definitely be called weak is the internal storage. You only get 256GB, which is not going to be enough to store many games on. Fortunately, with the added savings you’re getting on Prime Day, you can easily take advantage of the deals and grab yourself a much larger SSD and upgrade it yourself. Amazon Prime Day deals from Windows Central• Best deals: Our best (so far)
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There’s a misconception often when shopping for PC gaming hardware that we need to spend thousands getting the most powerful of everything. But the truth is that simply isn’t the case. 
Lots of today’s most enjoyable PC games don’t need mad power to run. Look at the Steam Deck as living proof of what can be done with minimal hardware. As long as you keep your expectations in check you can have a good time and save some of your money. 
There’s a lot to like on this gaming laptop though, especially that price. Getting any laptop with a dedicated GPU and a 6-core CPU for under £500 is impressive, but toss in a free HyperX mouse and headset as well? Crazy value. And you get a high refresh rate display as well. 
As a budget option for gaming on the go or as a starting point for some PC gaming this is a solid package at a price you won’t see again once Prime Day ends. So snap it up while you can. 
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