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Vlad 13 July 2023
Redmi Android Xiaomi Video Review Featured
The Redmi 12 started its international rollout last month, and is only due to reach India on August 1. We have one already, however, and we’ve already reviewed it in full and in-depth.
Today it’s time for our accompanying video review to get out into the world and let you know, in the usual short and sweet form, whether this cheap smartphone is only cheap, or if it’s cheap and cheerful, as they say.
It comes with a very modern looking design as well as a glass back, which isn’t often seen at its price point. However, the specs are incredibly similar to those of the Redmi 10 from 2021 (there was no Redmi 11 for whatever reason), so this isn’t as much an entirely new phone as it is a new shell for a pretty old formula.
Will that, and its affordability, be enough to make it highly successful? You tell us. But first, don’t miss Will in the embedded video review above – he’ll tell you everything that’s important about the Redmi 12’s design, build quality, screen, performance, battery life, and, of course, camera quality.
If our video review has merely whet your appetite, then once you’ve finished it you can dive deep right into our comprehensive written review which has a myriad more details for you.
So basically Will it's crap
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