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Michail 07 July 2023
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The Google Pixel Fold is the latest device to get the PBKreviews teardown treatment and its particularly interesting being the first foldable from Google.
The teardown process begins by removing the SIM tray and applying heat to the back and cover screen which loosens the adhesive. The host them pries off the back plate first and the cover screen after which reveals the foldable’s insides. There’s a bunch of screws covering the flex cable that attaches to the screen which also need to be removed.

We then get to see the vibration motor, speaker assembly, front-facing cam and dual batteries. Google did not provide pull tabs which makes the battery removal process a bit more cumbersome. The smaller 1,489 mAh battery cell is surrounded by a substantial copper cooling plate which is part of the main board. Pixel Fold ends up with a 6.5/10 repairability score.
My bad. I'm so used to them posting an article about every one of his videos, I didn't even look.
1489mah battery?? imagine how it lasts…
For the same reason we're not so sure why you don't just skip it if you don't want to read it?
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