The Ideal Hyundai Exter Variant for the Tech-Savvy Gadget Lover: A Detailed Analysis –

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By Kshitij Bisen
Published: July 12, 2023
The Micro SUV segments get heated up with the launch of Hyundai Exter that will challenge Tata Punch and Citroen C3. Since Hyundai has the reputation of loading its car with tech, we decided to check how its higher end variants stack up for gadget lovers.
But before we get into it, a quick take on what tech-savvy gadget lovers are looking for:
Tech-savvy gadget lovers demand vehicles that are on the cutting edge of technology, boasting high-quality audio systems and speakers, innovative driver assistance technologies, and efficient connectivity options. They prefer features like touchscreen navigation, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, wireless charging, and advanced safety measures.
Although aesthetics and comfort are also considered, tech-lovers prioritize gadgets and tech features that enhance the driving experience. In short, they are looking for the best cars with advanced technology in India.
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Hyundai Exter fuses modern technology and functionality. Its suite of advanced technological features such as a good audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen navigation, and convenience features like power windows and keyless entry, the Hyundai Exter caters to the needs of gadget lovers. Who knows, it could one day be among the top cars with the latest features or innovative gadgets in India.
Its varied range of variants, with options for both AMT and CNG, provide a flexibility of choice to suit different preferences and budgets, as endorsed by top automobile websites like and Its good looks and excellent fit and finish add it to its appeal.
The Hyundai Exter SX AMT variant includes an OEM audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic ORVMs, providing a basic yet practical tech package for the gadget lover.
The Hyundai Exter SX CNG variant offers similar features to the SX AMT but with the added benefit of a CNG fuel option, which may be attractive to those seeking an eco-friendly, tech-savvy choice.
The Hyundai Exter SX Opt AMT and SX Opt Connect variants take it a step further, offering additional convenience with power windows and the inclusion of day/night IRVM and glove box cooling. These features enhance the ease of use and comfort, alongside the basic tech features.
The Hyundai Exter SX Opt Connect AMT is the top-tier variant, with all the previously mentioned features plus an AMT transmission, providing an effortless driving experience for the tech-savvy gadget lover.
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The Hyundai Exter SX Opt Connect AMT emerges as the ideal choice for the tech-savvy gadget lover. This variant not only offers a full range of technological features, including an OEM audio system, touchscreen navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity, but also convenience features such as power windows, keyless entry, and glove box cooling.
Additionally, the AMT transmission simplifies driving, giving the gadget lover more time to interact with the car’s tech features. It is among the most feature-rich cars in its segment.
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The Ideal Hyundai Exter Variant for the Tech-Savvy Gadget Lover: A Detailed Analysis
These three variants of Hyundai Exter are rich in technological features and convenience functions, making them great choices for the tech-savvy gadget lover. All these variants offer basic technological needs like Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen navigation, and USB ports.
The Ideal Hyundai Exter Variant for the Tech-Savvy Gadget Lover: A Detailed Analysis
Hyundai Exter SX Opt Connect AMT stands out with its AMT transmission, a major convenience for the tech-savvy driver, while the SX Opt Connect and SX Opt AMT variants also provide an excellent array of tech features at slightly lower price points. These variants assure a gadget-rich and comfortable driving experience for tech-savvy gadget lovers.
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