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The Ninja CREAMi ice cream and milkshake maker has been slashed to an ‘unbelievable’ price in Amazon’s 2023 Prime Day sale – so the MEN’s Emma Gill tried it for herself
Amazon Prime Day 2023 is now in full swing and thousands of kitchen gadgets, fashion and beauty items and household essentials have been reduced, alongside the usual suspects like Amazon Fire TV Sticks, TVs and Echo Dots. Proving particularly popular in the Amazon Prime Day 2023 sale are Ninja products – many of which have been slashed by as much as 50% – making them far more purse-friendly.
But while the Ninja name is largely synonymous with air fryers, there's another product that shoppers are now desperate to get their hands on – the Ninja CREAMi. The Ninja CREAMi is the brand's Ice Cream Maker & Frozen Dessert Maker – and has been hailed 'amazing' and a 'must' for summer by many of those who have tried it.
The Ninja CREAMi normally costs £199.99. However, it has been reduced to a more budget-friendly price of £149.99 for a limited time in Amazon's Prime Day sale.
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Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, I decided to test out the now reduced Ninja CREAMi for myself to see if it's worth investing in. Here's my verdict.
What does it do? Well it would be be easier to tell you what it doesn't do. Firstly it makes THE most amazing ice creams. After investing in one, I've made milkshakes, sorbet and ice cream – all of which have been a massive hit with my children too.
And while you might be thinking, well of course they'd like ice cream, what if I told you that some of it was made with just fruit and NOTHING else. I mean, the recipe describes it as sorbet, but you can see from the photo that to all intents and purposes, this is ice cream.
And I use the word 'recipe' loosely – as it involves nothing but bananas. You basically chop up the fruit into little pieces, squash it down into one of the tubs that come with it, freeze it for 24 hours and then give it a whizz on the 'sorbet' setting. The result? The most delicious creamiest banana ice cream we've ever tasted. And you can do the same with a whole load of other fruit too.
Obviously you don't have to stick with the healthier versions. The strawberry ice cream recipe involves adding double cream, sugar, a bit of syrup and a little bit of lemon juice, but oh my word, talk about fresh and tasty! My other half won't stop talking about the strawberry ice cream. It's becoming a bit of a problem.
But not quite as big as our new-found addiction to the milkshakes this thing makes. You can use whatever ice cream you want, and pretty much whichever mixes you want, to get your desired flavour.
There's no hanging around waiting for this one either. Slap your ice cream in the tub, make a hole in the middle and fill it with your mix of choice – in our case it was either smashed up Oreo biscuits or Biscoff spread – add a bit of milk, give it a whizz on the milkshake setting and you're done. A milkshake that, in our humble opinion, puts McDonald's to shame and gives the likes of Five Guys and Slim Chickens a run for their money.
You might be thinking, yes but it's a £200 machine. Well actually, as part of Amazon's Prime Day deals it's actually been reduced to £149.99 – if you buy one this Wednesday or Thursday that is.
Yes it's a big spend, but think of how much you could save this summer alone by making your own desserts and shakes, products that have generally shot up in price. They're so much fresher and nicer too.
And think of all that fruit you could get your kids to eat when to them it's not fruit at all, but ice cream! This thing is genius at every level.
But don't just take my word for it. The Ninja CREAMi has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon's website. Shoppers have been impressed by the ice cream maker, and say they've been stunned by how quick and easy it is to make healthy summer treats.
One five-star reviewer wrote: "This is great my mum has one which is why I decided to buy one. Making a banana sorbet comes out so creamy, almost ice cream like. This is just made of bananas so a really healthy treat. You can have a bowl of it and then make a banana milkshake after.
"The watermelon sorbet is just as fabulous. My sister in law came over this weekend as well and tried some they are now going to buy one. It's so easy to use, healthy and you make your money back buy not having to buy ice cream or milkshakes out."
Another said: "Very easy to use, milkshakes are amazing. Ice cream you have to freeze first then remix again before eating which seems odd, but overall it does the job and more."
A third wrote: "Use it pretty much everyday for tasty low calorie and protein ice cream as well as using pre bought ice cream mixes for my at home versions of McFlurrys and ice cream van ice cream. Worth every penny paid. Compared to paying £5 a tub for premium ice cream and low calorie ice cream I can make my own at a fraction of the price and taste better."
"Literally, magic. All the reviews, YouTube videos, things you're reading…. I was sceptical… it's all true. This thing makes ice cream better than what you can buy in the store… it's so fresh, it's so tasty, it's literally from another dimension.
"I made honey ice cream, vanilla ice cream, choc chip ice cream… even chopped up a snickers and 'mixed it in' to a choc peanut ice cream… it's incredible you can make anything you can think of into ice cream… Threw a banana, cream, milk, xylitol into a cup, froze it, BAM ice cream. Did the same with strawberries… was amazing there is no end to what you can make with it," penned another.
The Ninja CREAMi is £149.99 instead of £199.99 for two days only in the Amazon Prime Day 2023 flash sale.


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