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Even though the Redmi sub-brand is now mostly focusing on mid-range offerings, it hasn’t dropped its entry-level lineups, such as the numeric Redmi series. The Redmi 12 is this year’s most affordable phone from the company and succeeds the Redmi 10 from 2021. That’s because there was no Redmi 11 last year for some reason, which likely has to do with declining smartphone sales and piling up inventory.

Fast-forward to 2023 and we now have a brand new Redmi 12. Or do we? A quick skim through the specs sheet reveals surprisingly similar specs to the 2021 model with only a handful of changes. Let’s examine!
The new Redmi 12 features a bigger 6.79-inch screen, which makes it one of the biggest in its class and bumps up the storage to 128GB on the base version. That’s twice as much as the Redmi 10. Moreover, the Redmi 12 comes with IP53 certification for protection against dust and splashes, replaces the plastic back panel with a glass one and brings a cleaner new design to the table.
But before you say these are too few changes for two years of development, here’s the real trick up the Redmi 12’s sleeve. Despite the doubled storage the new phone starts at around €150, while the Redmi 10 was asking for €200 at launch. We guess inflation ran past the low-end Redmis.
But it’s not just about beating the predecessor’s value for money as there are other sub-€200 phones out there. Can the Readmi 12 beat those – we not set off to find out!
The handset comes in a small retail box containing the usual user manuals and a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging and data transfer. There’s no charger included in the box, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you don’t happen to own one. The phone can take up to 18W over Power Delivery, which is good to keep in mind if you are going to be shopping for a charger.
Xiaomi didn’t skip the transparent silicone case, though, so it’s still a richer retail package than what an iPhone 14 Pro or a Galaxy S23 has.
Even Redmi 12 got a review and the Redmi Note 12S hasn't, seriously?
It's even having a back door better than Poco f5. Seriously Poco?
even the camera island. the existence of iphone 12 has changed a lot. boxy frame, larger camera bump and lastly no charging brick.. competitors followed suit.
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