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Vlad 02 August 2023
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The iPhone 15 family is expected to arrive this fall with a price hike and slimmer bezels. Interestingly, demand for the upcoming series is right now judged to be lower than it was for the iPhone 14 line when it came out last year.
This is according to famously supply-chain connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In his latest report, he outright states it: “demand for the iPhone 15 is lower than that of iPhone 14”.
This is, of course, just a projection at the moment. Things could change. According to Kuo, “unless the demand for the iPhone 15 is better than market expectations after launch, most of the suppliers will face growth pressure” in the second half of the year.
It’s not just iPhones, however. “Shipment forecasts for Apple’s hardware products in 2H23 are almost universally weaker” compared to last year (“2H23” is the second half of 2023 in case you were wondering).
One thing that might change the prediction tide is Apple clearly indicating “that it’s positive about market demand in 2H23 or 2024”. So far that hasn’t happened, but it still might.
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