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While moderation is important for kids and their technology, these smart devices can promote a healthy lifestyle for children.
As an adult, you likely use smart gadgets in your everyday life to stay happy and healthy. However, kids can enjoy the benefits of smart technology, too. However, always remember that as a parent you should teach your children to have a balanced and healthy relationship with tech instead of relying on it completely.
From fitness trackers to inspire healthy choices to exergames to keep them entertained for hours, below are the best smart devices that kids can use to stay happy and healthy.
Most babies and younger kids can benefit from having a smart night light in their bedrooms. This is mostly because children can get scared fairly easily. Now you can turn their bedroom into a peaceful sleep haven and ensure they fall asleep feeling happy and safe using a smart night light.
There are plenty of smart night lights on the market, such as the Govee Night Light and the Amazon Echo Glow. But the Hatch Rest and the Hatch Rest 2nd gen take the cake with their gentle, customizable glow. What's more, this impressive device is not only a night light, but it also works as a bedtime and wake-up reminder as well as a sound machine with a massive sleep library.
Teaching your children to grow their own food can motivate them to eat different fruits and veggies and teach them lifelong skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has a yard. However, it is possible to grow indoors in small spaces if you use the right tech. AeroGarden offers smart indoor gardens where kids can grow anything from microgreens and herbs to eggplants and cucumbers.
What you grow all depends on how much space you have to spare and the smart indoor garden you choose. The AeroGarden Sprout is a nice starter garden for kids with simple touch controls and three grow pods. On the other hand, the Bounty Basic is AeroGarden's largest countertop smart garden, with nine grow pods and water reminders.
Not all children are ready to have a grownup smartphone just yet, so that's where smartwatches come into the picture. They provide a way for parents to stay in touch with their little ones and have peace of mind that they are always safe and sound. And that's what makes the Angel Watch so special.
With an SOS button, a listen-in feature, GPS tracking, and geofencing, the Angel Watch is the ultimate smartwatch that benefits both parents and children. Alternatively, the Gabb Watch 2 is also a nice option for kids, as it provides a gamified step counter and a virtual pet game that encourages kids to complete their chores.
Why is reading so important for children? Reading can help develop your child's brain, improve their language skills, and boost their imagination and creativity. If you want your kids to establish healthy reading habits, there are ebook reader apps that can be used on a tablet, but the Kindle Kids device is your best bet. Besides being an affordable option, Kindle Kids is a lightweight, glare-free smart device that gives children access to thousands of much-loved books.
Some of the popular titles include Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, as well as educational books like National Geographic Readers. Children can also use their Kindle Kids to set themselves reading goals and boost their skills using the Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise tools.
The DigiRoo Case is a healthy screen time device that your kids can pop their tablet into, adjust the height, and take with them anywhere. While the DigiRoo Case might not be your typical smart device, kids can use it collectively with their tablet devices.
If your children enjoy using a tablet to read their favorite novels, then the DigiRoo is a must-have. It makes certain that their posture is correct and there is no strain on their neck and shoulders. Additionally, kids can rotate the DigiRoo Case to use it in landscape or portrait mode based on what they're using it for.
Even though some smartwatches offer similar features to a fitness tracker, a fitness tracker is best for your children to focus on health and exercise monitoring. A prime quality fitness tracker for children like the Fitbit Ace 3 is meant to get your kids moving in a fun way.
Available in kid-friendly color combinations with a cool, comfy band, the Fitbit Ace 3 features sleep tracking, activity monitoring, and up to eight days of battery life. Moreover, you can use the Fitbit app along with your child to view their stats and virtual badges. Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to consider before buying a fitness tracker for your child.
Although you don't have to specifically opt for a smart punching bag to keep your kids active, the FightCamp connected fitness platform is an awesome option. Besides being an excellent way to motivate your kids to exercise, boxing is also a fun, lively, and enjoyable activity. Plus, it is a safe outlet for kids to burn off that extra energy. So how does FightCamp work?
FightCamp combines smart fitness tech including trackers and a boxing bag with an innovative app to help your kids train like a boxing champion. What makes FightCamp perfect for children is its kid-sized gloves, height and stability, and wide range of beginner-friendly programs and exercise classes for the whole family.
Chances are your kids are fans of video games. So what better way to encourage health and happiness than with a fitness video game? There is a healthy selection of great video games that can encourage children to get moving, with some of the best being on the Nintendo Switch.
Ring Fit Adventure is probably one of the most popular because of just how fun it is. The game works together with the Ring-Con and Leg Strap, so kids can blast crates and defeat enemies while actively leveling up their fitness. Nintendo Switch also offers a game called Fitness Boxing, which is a nice way for kids to practice their boxing skills without all the fancy equipment.
No matter what your view on tech is, smart gadgets and devices are bound to be a fairly big part of your children's lives. And even though many might see tech as not particularly beneficial to kids, that is not always true.
It's true that kids need time away from screens to interact with others and social media can be harmful, but there's so much more that technology can offer. These are some of the best smart devices on the market that can bring kids happiness and encourage them to learn healthy habits.
Christine has been writing professionally about tech since 2014. Now, with her knowledge about health, fitness, and food, she specializes in writing about wellness-related tech at MUO.


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