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Motorcycles have traditionally provided riders with a chance to disconnect from the outside world while on the road. However, with the rise of modern connectivity and smart technology, the two-wheeled realm is now embracing gadgets that enhance safety, connectivity, convenience, and utility for riders. In this guide, we will explore some of the best motorcycle gadgets for smart and connected riding.
To create our list of the best motorcycle gadgets, we considered various criteria. We focused on electronic gadgets rather than non-powered mechanical items. We then identified the best moto gadget product spaces such as mini air compressors, HUDs, TPMS units, mobile power banks, and smart airbag systems. We evaluated each product based on its ability to solve common problems faced by riders.
One of the highlighted gadgets is the Battery Tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger Adaptor. This device is an easy-to-install gadget that adds a USB charging port to any motorcycle. It is especially useful for vintage motorcycles or those without built-in USB ports. The gadget connects directly to the motorcycle battery and can charge smartphones, tablets, GPS units, action cameras, and communication systems. It features a removable cover to protect the electrical components within the port. However, it requires Battery Tender’s SAE Quick Disconnect Harness, which is sold separately.
Another recommended gadget is the Helmetlok II, a carabiner-style lock designed specifically for motorcycle helmets. This lock allows riders to secure their helmets to the bike when they are away. It features a four-digit code and is made of aluminum and zinc alloy to withstand theft attempts. The lock is partially wrapped in rubber to prevent scratching the bike. Although it may not completely deter determined thieves, it provides a more secure option than leaving the helmet on the seat or handlebar.
Another gadget worth considering is the Signal Dynamics Backoff XP Brake Light Modulator. This modulator improves the visibility of the motorcycle’s brake light, making it more noticeable to other road users. The device modulates the intensity of the brake light, attracting attention and potentially reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.
These are just a few examples of the many gadgets available to enhance the riding experience. With the right gadgets, riders can embrace the benefits of modern technology while still enjoying the freedom and thrill that motorcycles offer.

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