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There's nothing worse than having a bad hair fortnight – here are a raft of gadgets to beat the frizz
Holidays are supposed to be a time to chill out, but what’s relaxing about having a bad hair fortnight? I have fine, flyaway hair that goes frizzy and limp when exposed to the sun and sea. 
Now that I’m 50, it’s even more unmanageable. I’ve historically relied on hotel dryers and an old but trusty heated curler. But this summer, things are going to be different. 
There is a raft of new gadgets to streamline and refine your styling as well as your beach wardrobe. I tested the ones worth knowing about and Domenico Casella, senior stylist at Neville Hair and Beauty, gives us some tips.
iGen Progloss Cordless Hollywood Curl, £124.99,
What: A rechargeable cordless curler that comes with a two-pin plug to slot on for holiday use. Gives up to 40 minutes of curl time and has three heat settings and a charging stand.
Test: Super light and small, this charges very rapidly. I insert a lock of hair into the barrel and press one of the two buttons – right or left – depending on which side of the head you’re doing. Hair slithers into the cylinder and around the rotating barrel without – and obviously, this is key – getting tangled. A beep lets you know when you can release the button, and a perfect curl springs down. I am beyond impressed. It’s pretty much fail-safe and the curls – unusually for my hair – hold all day. I love it.
Hairdresser’s tip: As a guideline, the section of hair should be about as wide as the curler and thick enough to wrap around it comfortably without overlapping.
BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waver, £180,
What: A long slender gadget that’s easy to hold and manipulate around the hair. Three thick prongs create the waves – these are covered with a lever that you press as you move down the hair. Comes in a nifty case and has detachable plugs, so suitable for home and abroad.
Test: Expensive, but I believe that styling gadgets are a genuine investment. The one I currently use has been in my arsenal for seven years. This is swift, creating natural-looking and tousled beachy waves all around my head in a few short minutes, and the case slots easily down the side of a suitcase or into hand luggage.
Hairdresser’s tip: Apply some sea salt spray; Hershesons’ new Air Dry Spray is very good to the finished wave for extra hold.
Revlon One-Step Volumiser Plus, £63,
What: An excellently priced hair dryer and hot air styler for creating salon-level blow dries to take you from beach to beach bar. Four temperature settings, three speed settings, and an oval head so you can get close to roots to create volume. A ceramic titanium barrel means even heat distribution. And the head detaches which may be useful for packing.
Test: An absolute joy to use. Easy to wield, fast drying and creates as near to a smooth but volumised blow dry as I’ve ever managed.
Hairdresser’s tip: Start with the hair on the nape of the neck and work your way up in small sections, gliding the hot brush from the roots towards the ends.
Cloud Nine 2-in-1 Contour Iron Pro, £299,
What: A new straightener that’s also designed to curl. Very sleek and compact, this has curved plates, meaning that you can create a number of styles, and is suitable for all hair types.
Test: I love the look and feel of this – it’s incredibly light and easy to handle, and very stylish. I am not adept at creating curls with straighteners, but they’ve created a how-to video which is easy to follow. I section my hair, put the iron in and turn it as directed, pulling my hair slowly through, achieving rather good gentle waves.
Hairdresser’s tip: If you are using a hair straightener on holiday, you must try to use a heat protecting spray as it will protect your hair which will be more susceptible to damage after being exposed to UV rays and chlorine or salt water.
Remington Wet 2 Straight Pro Straightener, £99.99,
What: A brand new concept – drying and straightening at the same time, thus saving on both time and suitcase space. These tongs rapidly remove and evaporate excess water every time you pass them over towel-dried hair, with moisture sensors adjusting the temperature in order to prevent damage.
Test: Ultra efficient and ready to use in just 15 seconds. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Amazing as straighteners, I’m less sure about using on my – already damaged – hair when wet.
Hairdresser’s tip: Prep wet hair with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Pli Shaper, £15.30,, to give it some real body if you don’t want your hair to look straight and flat.
T3 Afar Travel Size Hair Dryer, £150,
What: A dryer with a folding handle meaning it’s even more compact. A tourmaline (a type of mineral) heating coil infuses the hot air it produces with negative ions to dry gently and fast.  
Test: I take this up to my parents’ in the Lake District as their hairdryer is not great. It’s swift at drying, light to use, pleasingly compact and works almost as fast as my usual dryer. Loses points for price, but it’s a great travel option.
Hairdresser’s tip: A boar bristle brush will create smooth, professional looking results when blowdrying your hair yourself.


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