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How to use Google Docs
In a recent update, Google Docs has introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of making meeting notes. This feature, which is a meeting notes template, can be set up in just a few clicks. This development is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to streamline productivity and collaboration in the digital workspace.
The meeting notes template in Google Docs is designed to pull details from the selected Google Calendar event. This includes the meeting’s date, title, and attendees. The template also includes specific sections for notes and action items, complete with a checklist for completed tasks. This feature is a testament to how to use Google Docs to enhance productivity and organization.
To set up a meeting notes template, users need to open a new or existing Google Doc. By typing “@” in the Doc, users can select “Meeting notes” from the “Building Blocks” section. This will prompt a drop-down of events from your Google Calendar. Users can then click the event they want to take notes for. If the event isn’t listed, users can start typing its name after the “@” symbol to find it. This is another example of how to use Google Docs to streamline your workflow.
1. Open a new or existing Google Doc on your computer.
2. Type “@” in the Doc.
3. Select “Meeting notes” from the “Building Blocks” section.
4. A drop-down of events from your Google Calendar will appear. Click the event you want to take notes for. If the event you’re looking for isn’t there, start typing its name after the “@” symbol to find it.
A common issue that many of us face is the significant amount of time spent on reconciling notes after a meeting. This could involve deciphering scribbles, matching points to relevant discussions, or reaching out to colleagues to clarify points.
The video below offers  a solution to this issue by demonstrating how Google Workspace’s integrated tools can be used to streamline the note-taking process during meetings.
Google Workspace is a suite of productivity tools, with Google Calendar and Google Meet serving as integral components for planning and conducting meetings, respectively. The integration of these tools, along with Google Docs, allows you to easily create a shared document for meeting notes.
Starting with Google Calendar, you can schedule your meetings and include pertinent details such as the meeting agenda, participants, and relevant documents. From there, a Google Meet link is automatically generated for your virtual meeting, which can be attended by team members regardless of their location.

The Google Meet platform allows for real-time collaboration, where users can discuss, present, and even record the meeting for future reference. But where it truly shines in our context is its integration with Google Docs.
Within the meeting on Google Meet, you can create a new Google Doc for meeting notes that can be accessed and edited simultaneously by all attendees. This allows for real-time note-taking and ensures all participants are on the same page, both literally and figuratively.
As soon as the meeting ends, instead of the laborious process of reconciling notes, you have a complete, crowd-sourced document with all the essential points, decisions, and follow-up actions. Participants can immediately start on their respective tasks, significantly reducing the time between the meeting and execution of decisions.
By demonstrating the powerful combination of Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Google Docs, you can now make your meeting process more efficient, collaborative, and productive.
Sharing the Doc is also made easy with several options available. A pop-up on the right in the Doc will ask if you want to share the notes with other attendees. Users can click “Share” or “Share & attach” if they’re the meeting owner. Alternatively, users can email the meeting notes directly by clicking the envelope icon next to the meeting date and title in the Doc. This feature allows users to create a draft in Gmail that can be edited and sent whenever ready.
How to share Google Docs
In addition to these features, the meeting notes template can also be created and attached to meetings directly from Google Calendar. This integration further demonstrates how to use Google Docs to make meeting notes more efficient and accessible.
Google Docs continues to innovate and provide tools that enhance productivity and collaboration. The new meeting notes template is a clear example of how to use Google Docs to make meeting notes, making it easier for users to stay organized and share information.
Source: Google

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