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Vlad 03 August 2023
Nothing Android CMF
Tucked rather well inside a “Community Update” video, Nothing CEO Carl Pei has a rather big announcement for us today (go to 8:45 in the embedded video below to jump straight to it). Namely, that the company is introducing a new sub-brand: CMF by Nothing.
According to Pei, this will be a more affordable brand than Nothing itself, focused on delivering “timeless designs” for great prices, along with “quality that’s very hard to find” in its price segment.
Its first two products, launching later this year, will be a smartwatch and a pair of earbuds. Both of these will be imbued with the design-led mantra that’s shared by both Nothing and CMF by Nothing. The CMF products will “work really well” owing to “the same attention to user experience” as Nothing.
Meanwhile, Nothing itself will stay committed to “design innovation” and pushing boundaries, Pei says. Nothing products will keep being premium, featuring the best performance and “latest technology” (insert joke about the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC literally not being that when the Nothing Phone (2) launched).
CMF by Nothing will be run by a separate team inside the company to ensure no distractions from its main products. More details about the smartwatch and earbuds are promised to arrive “in the coming months”, and we should undoubtedly see tons of teasers too, so stay tuned for that.
So "nothing" was hyped up marketing to whitewash bbk product as european? Not surprised .
Now they will sell old nothing ear 1 as the new flagship product of CMF with new box ,nothing is nothing they proof that by making sub brand. Fools will still say that they ar new poor company. Nothing is just rebranding old products with differe…
In the end it's all just BBK stuff with their endless sub brands
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