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The exclusive closed beta for Payday 3 began on August 2, 2023, and will end on August 7, 2023. Thrilling high-stakes heists featuring improved visuals, polished gameplay mechanics, and several other changes can now be enjoyed by PC and Xbox players. The game promises an engaging co-op gaming experience that exceeds expectations, building on its critically praised predecessor.
Fans may explore a multitude of content in the closed beta, including an impressive weapon collection, skills, various gadgets, and much more. Certain components, however, will be kept under wraps until the official launch of the title on September 21, 2023.
This article presents a detailed overview of all elements within the beta that players should know about.
Payday 3’s closed beta has eight unique weapons that players can choose from. Those who enjoy close combat should use shotguns or SMGs. Meanwhile, those who prefer to battle from a distance should use an assault rifle or a marksman rifle.
The complete breakdown of the weapon list in the closed beta version is listed below:
The closed beta has a massive skill collection, with a whopping 105 total. This extensive collection is quite useful in a variety of in-game scenarios. Given their benefits, players are encouraged to devote sufficient time to unlock them. Each player can select four skills at a time.
Here is the complete list of skills that the closed beta has:
Various gadgets and equipment will be available in the game in the form of Deployables, an Overkill Weapon, Throwables, Armor Lining, and Tools.
The closed beta features the original Payday Gang, which includes Wolf, Dallas, Chains, and Hoxton. According to the developers, two more heisters/characters will be included when the game officially launches.
That’s everything players need to know about the content available in the closed beta. Follow Sportskeeda for more news and updates surrounding the game.
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