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A new rumor suggests that high-end laptops featuring next-gen Intel Arrow Lake & AMD Strix Point CPUs might be delayed until early 2025.
Both Intel and AMD recently launched the first wave of AI-infused processors under the Meteor Lake and Hawk Point CPU families but it looks like the high-end laptop segment is going to reuse some of the older chips throughout 2024 as the next-gen launches are allegedly moved to 2025.
The new rumor comes from Golden Pig Upgrade on Weibo who is a highly reputable source when it comes to laptop-based CPU leaks and rumors. The insider has shared various details of past CPUs that turned out to be accurate, including Meteor Lake, Raptor Lake, Ryzen 7000 & Ryzen 8000 CPUs so there might be some legitimacy behind this news though we would still advise you to take this information with a grain of salt.
It is highlighted that the news regarding Xiaomi’s Redmi G PRO laptops featuring Intel’s refreshed 14th Gen Raptor Lake-HX doesn’t come as a surprise since there is no new CPU planned out for this year (referring to launches from Intel and AMD). Intel has made it clear during its CES 2024 keynote that Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs will be launching in 2024 however, the company didn’t say if those chips were designed for high-end users or will be serving a similar market segment as its 1st Gen Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” chips.
Intel and AMD currently offer high-end laptops with their “HX” series. The Raptor Lake-HX is based on the same desktop dies as the Raptor Lake-S CPUs while the Dragon Range-HX is based on the same desktop dies as the Raphael “Zen 4” CPUs. The next-gen from Intel will utilize the Arrow Lake-HX dies and from AMD, we will see the Fire Range-HX CPUs based on the Zen 5 core architecture.
However, considering that AMD has yet to release its Strix Point APU family for laptops, it looks like the high-end Zen 5 stuff would be moved back to early 2025 which is reasonable since CES is where we get to see the bulk of laptop announcements from Intel and AMD. AMD’s Strix Point lineup will include Strix for mainstream and a more premium Strix “Halo” family. It’s the latter that is rumored to have been moved back to 2025.
Meanwhile, Intel will bring its Arrow Lake-H and Arrow Lake-S families to both the laptop and desktop markets. AMD, reportedly, has also commenced mass production of its Zen 5-based Granite Ridge desktop CPUs which are slated for a 2H 2024 launch. Intel will also have its Lunar Lake CPUs serving the low-power U-series (MX) segment, replacing both Raptor Lake-U and Meteor Lake-U chips.
The launch of the next-gen Intel and AMD HX CPUs for laptops may also coincide with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series based on the Blackwell architecture. NVIDIA’s RTX 40 “Ada Lovelace” GPUs for laptops have been out for over a year now and next year’s CES 2025 might be the perfect time to release the next generation of laptop discrete graphics for Intel’s Arrow Lake-HX and AMD’s Strix Point and Fire Range CPUs.
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