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Yordan 17 January 2024
Xiaomi Android
Xiaomi 14 Ultra is getting a designated camera kit, just like its predecessor, revealed listing on 3C.
The photography kit was certified by the Chinese CCC agency with maximum output of 5V and 1,500 mA, suggesting it will act as an external battery, which wasn’t a feature in the previous version of the accessory.
The whole package The whole package
The whole package for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra
The device with model number 2402CPS69C will also ship without an adapter, which isn’t a surprise at all. More interestingly, the first digits, 2402, suggest a February 2024 launch.
The Xiaomi 13 Ultra was an amazing cameraphone and one of the best devices of 2023. We tested the designated photography kit, and while we had fun with it, the phone was pretty capable of taking pictures on its own with the 1”-type sensor.
Expectations from the upcoming flagship are even higher, and we hope the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will launch globally.
Two rings are provided, one pictured on the right is a lens cap the other pictured on the left is an adapter for attaching filters. The ring in the middle is a filter but that's not included in the kit and serves as an example. With the lens cap…
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Atm, it's not strange if xiaomi stops releasing their flagship globally
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