These Accessories And Gadgets Will Help Improve Your Sleep! – Femina Hindi

Image: Shutterstock Getting restful sleep each night is a crucial part of your overall health and wellbeing. Not getting enough or proper sleep has immediate effects like sluggishness, irritability, bad mood, and impaired memory, judgment, and hand-eye coordination skills! Consistent sleep deprivation brings about a range of chronic health issues; research also shows that if you’re […]

EU dials up attention on larger platforms over data access for risk research

The European Commission has sent requests for information (RFI) to 17 platforms subject to algorithmic transparency regulations under the bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA), it said today. These asks are specifically in relation to requirements that platforms provide data access to researchers investigating systemic risks in the European Union. The list of very large online […]

Welcome back to the Unicorn Club, 10 years later

Aileen Lee is the founder of Cowboy Ventures. She partners at the earliest stages with enterprise and consumer-oriented startup teams to build products customers love, and to help teams build aspirational companies. She has over two decades of experience starting at seed stage and staying involved for many years beyond. Allegra Simon loves working closely with incredible […]

Best laptop 2024: notebooks for work and play reviewed – Stuff

Search Stuff When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it worksHome / Features / Best laptop 2024: notebooks for work and play reviewed From MacBooks to Chromebooks, hybrids to gaming powerhouses, we've tested and scored the best laptops for every needWork, play or something else entirely: […]

10 Useful Camping Gadgets That You Can Use Year-Round – SlashGear

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. While plenty of people like going camping to get away from the buzz and sense of connectedness inherent with modern life, an increasing number of campers want exactly the opposite. Thankfully, the constant stream of innovative tech being unveiled means that it’s now easier than […]