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Yesterday, my Daily Tech Update heard on 350+ radio stations about how EVs don’t like cold weather hit home with a ton of folks. You see, even if you charged up to prepare the night before, the battery could be dead or pretty close to it when you wake up. Wow, so many people told me they had no idea this would happen when they bought an EV. 
Yeah, it’s cold all across the country — Babbitt, Minnesota: -15°, Dubuque, Iowa: 3°, Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 6° and Chicago, Illinois: 10°. I’m freezing in Phoenix, where it’s 53° as I type, and I have a space heater on under my desk. (Insert wha-wha sound here!) 
Fear not, dear one, for I have hot tech tips to keep you nice and toasty.
Never miss a cold snap: Smart speakers can give real-time weather alerts. Try saying, “Alexa (Siri or Google) tell me when there’s a severe weather alert,” to know when a freeze warning, snowstorm (or any other major weather event) is coming.
For Apple Home:
A breath of fresh air: Cold weather means super dry air. Forget that old humidifier. It’s 2024! Get a smart humidifier you control with your phone. This one has a 50-hour runtime (20% off!) and uses sensors and algorithms to keep the perfect humidity levels. Super quiet, too!
With the accompanying app, you can adjust mist settings, timers and even ambient lighting using your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assistant. Nice.
Heaters gonna heat: Grab a smart plug to set a schedule for your space heater — or turn on and off when you’re not home. Worth it for the peace of mind. And let me tell ya, a smart thermostat is a no-brainer, so your house is warm and toasty when you return from work or errands.
One smart cookie: A smart thermostat is a no-brainer. You can make sure your home is warm and toasty when you return from work or errands. It can also monitor your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency by delivering usage reports, equipment alerts and maintenance reminders. Never forget to replace a filter again!
Shocking electric bills? Use a thermal leak detector or an infrared camera attachment for your smartphone to identify where heat is escaping. You can fix these energy wasters with insulation or draft stoppers. Not sure how? Hit YouTube for videos.
Warmth in a flash: Your smartphone’s flashlight generates a small amount of heat. For a quick hand warmer, turn on the flashlight and hold your hands around it. Yes, this works — but it will drain your battery if you do it for too long. Instead, pick up these hand warmers for $2.68 (44% off!). Love these!
Clever use for your old phone: Install your favorite weather app and use it as a dedicated weather station. Quick access to temperature, humidity and forecasts.
We don’t get as thirsty when it’s cold out: A smart water bottle reminds you to drink up and keeps track of your water intake. Yeah, sometimes it takes an over-the-top gadget to stay hydrated. I want one!
Comfort food made easy: I’m the cook in my house, but I still love coming home to a hot meal. An automated slow cooker or an Instant Pot is your best friend. Mmm, soup!
Set the cozy mood: This is so cool. Warmer lighting creates a psychological sense of warmth. Translation: Warmer light = warmer you. Pick up some smart light bulbs and set them to emit warmer colors.
Stop skipping your workout: Try a new fitness app to get your sweat on. There are endless options. Nike Training Club has a ton of free programs. The Peloton app is sweet, but you gotta pay $12.99 a month.
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